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trailer truck August 22, 2018

3 Things You Should Identify if You’re Itching to Invest on a Travel Trailer

A travel trailer is perfect for whatever type of family getaway you can think of. Whether it be a weekend in the nearest Texas state park or a whole month of travel to the northeast during autumn, a travel trailer never disappoints.

Highly towable and easier to manage, travel trailers range from 12 feet to 33 feet in length, and are equipped with all you need from bunk beds to generators. So, if you are looking for travel trailers for sale in Corpus Christi, Texas it would be great to consider these things first before resuming your search.


Size is an important consideration since the larger the trailer, the more issues one has to face to maintain it. It helps if you can handle the minor repair work yourself, but your trailer must be in the right shape for it adapts to different road and weather conditions. Maintenance does not go cheaper as your trailer ages. It is important to determine what size is manageable enough for you depending on your need.

Camping and parking costs

There are free places to camp as the Bureau of Land Management keeps a list of such sites. But most sites that are well-maintained and easier to access, i.e. those closer to roadways and local shops, charge a certain fee. Again, fees depend on your trailer’s size. Parking fees also need to be paid in a special facility especially if you do not have enough space at home or the residential community you live in does not permit RVs.


Travel trailers come with higher margins compared to other vehicles. This is due to the fact that most sales are done during the summer. Expect to see a dampened demand in all other months, especially the colder months. Another factor that makes travel trailers more expensive is that they are a luxury good. Although one can catch a trailer at a price of $7,000, most are in the five-digit range, e.g. $70,000 for a trailer that can hold six people.

A travel trailer is a dependable complement to your vehicle in every trip you make. One needs to be aware of a number of cost considerations, from maintenance, camping and parking costs, to the purchase price.

Woman driving March 22, 2018

Pointers for Taking Care of the Car You Rented

Planning an urban excursion? Do you have to fetch someone from the airport? These two are obviously easy to do if you have a car. Otherwise, it will be quite taxing and demanding. But this should not be a big problem as you can always rent a car.

Car rental companies in Manila such as rentcarmanila.com can come to the rescue. Just check out their rates and pick the one that seems to work for you. But just like any other type of transaction, there are conditions and agreements to look into; you need to take care of it.

If you are looking for such ways, here are some pointers to consider:

Check the agreement first

The first thing you need to do is check the contract first before heading out with the car. There are provisions in the agreement that specifically tell you how to take the car. Similarly, reading the agreement is your form of protection in case the car company tries to trick you.

Drive carefully

This is something you should always remember as you drive. The car is not yours, so do not use it as a race car. Just getting it scraped my cost you some money. The engine may also be sensitive to such shifts.

And in general, driving carefully will help keep you from getting into accidents and other road troubles.

Do not load too many things

Again, remember that this is not your car. Do not load too many things or people. Otherwise, the tire may get compromised, or something may happen to the engine and interiors. This will also get you in trouble with the authorities.

Renting a car is a handy idea that will help you solve common trip dilemmas. But always keep in mind that it is not your car you are driving; you should take care of it properly.

March 22, 2016

3 Super Ways to Enjoy a Budget New York Vacation

Though New York has gained the reputation of being a costly tourist city, you can surprisingly enjoy its charms even on a budget. The city is not all about overpriced hotels, fancy fine dining, and attractions that burn a hole in your pocket. Smart planning, early bookings, and resourceful thinking can help you save big on your vacation.

Here are some recommendations on how you can trim your costs without cutting down the fun on your New York City trip:

Invest in All Kinds of Passes

Chances are you won’t know the exact direction of the places you’re headed to, and may end up paying more on trips within the city. Having a pass gives you access to unlimited bus and subway rides without having to worry about spending extra. These passes are ideal for budget tourists who are planning to live in the city for more than a week. In fact, South Bend International Airport says that different kinds of passes are available for you to use by the time you land.

Go Street Food Binging

New York City is a street food lover’s haven. From functional hotdog carts selling meaty rolls to small eateries in Chinatown serving lip-smacking dumplings, you have many options other than fine dining restaurants. Visit eateries that offer tasty and affordable dishes that could make you crave for more.

Visit the Freebie Attractions

Some NYC attractions do not cost you a dime yet offer plenty of fun, like the lush, sprawling, and gorgeous Central Park. You can take long walks, enjoy picnics, and even read books. There are endless possibilities to how you can spend hours within this attractive area. If you’re up for some entertainment, talented musicians and performers are always performing in the vicinity. Other attractions like the New York Public Library and the Rockefeller Center are also free of cost.

Booking early flights and other expenses allow you to save big. Cut unnecessary costs by booking early or during off-season to enjoy greater discounts.

Senior Air Travel January 12, 2016

When Holidays Never Get Old: FAQ on Air Travel for Seniors and Retirees

There was a time when air travel for seniors and retirees can be difficult. But, with recent upgrading of travel conveniences, many retirees have renewed their wishes to travel visit far-off cities and countries. Here a few FAQs on air travel for retirees and seniors:

What are some of the more popular destinations In the US?

Some of the best suggested places to go to for seniors are San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York City, and Chicago. Focus on short and non-stop flights to these destinations for your own health’s sake. Avoid long routes that require a number of plane changes or even various modes of travel, so you don’t wear yourself out.

Should I get travel insurance?

Having travel insurance is important, as your health and peace of mind can be compromised during the stressful situations you might face during your travel. Issues like lost luggage and cancellations can become expensive and bothersome problems if you don’t have travel insurance.

Can I get discounts with air fare and other services?

Travel during non-holiday months to avoid peak-season priced air fare. There are also affordable flights from South Bend, Indiana direct to New York, Las Vegas, and Chicago that may consider senior citizen discounts. Check for available elderly-friendly features and services, as well.

Do I need any sort of medical or health certification to fly?

It is highly recommended that you visit your physician before you fly for proper medication and health check. Most airlines would not require certification, but if you have specific travel and medical needs, let the airline staff know as soon as you enter the plane. Keep your medication within your reach at all times.

If you have more questions, feel free to ask the airline of your choice before you buy a ticket. Don’t worry too much, though. After all, enjoying the trip is the main reason you boarded that plane in the first place.

Renting a Car in Perth December 29, 2015

Road Trips Are Cheaper When You Rent a Car

Renting a Car in PerthTravelling by land can often be a demanding leisure. Whether you are going by yourself or joining a group of friends, taking a road trip involves a lot of planning and saving. No matter how free-spirited you are, having an outline of the places you will visit, the money you will spend, and the vehicle you will use are very important.

If you are hitting the road soon, it is only wise to  consider the vehicle you will use as early as possible. Do you need an SUV? Or maybe a pick-up to keep your entire luggage? How about a small car for you and your partner? These choices make a huge impact on your trip and travel budget.

Most travellers use their own vehicle when going on a road trip. Do you know, however, that car rentals are more convenient and cheaper? Here are some reasons why.

They Take Care of Maintenance and Insurance

Before going on a road trip, it is important to check your car’s engine, tyres, headlights, windows, and locks. As suggested by Perth-based car rental company Ariescarrental.com.au, all parts should be working well, or the car might break down while on the road. Car rentals usually take care of these things, allowing you to reduce your car maintenance and insurance costs and giving you more time for travel.

They Provide the Best Vehicle According to Your Need

Car rentals will only provide the vehicle appropriate for your need. If you are travelling as a group or as a couple, the car rental company will offer the vehicle that can accommodate your group and luggage.  This would effectively prevent you from bringing a car that is bigger than you need and spending for more fuel than you should.

They Give Discounts on Longer Trips

Renting a vehicle for a longer amount of time usually benefits clients through discounts. Cars rented for weeks or months come with a promo from the car rental company. Travellers who are going cross-country or in an outback trip should take advantage of discounts like this.  Apart from keeping their costs less, it also encourages them to travel more.

Before going on a road trip, remember to plan everything you need, especially the vehicle that you will use. You and your travel companions can save more when renting a car. It will also leave you worry-free, for a more engaging and fun trip.