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trailer truck August 22, 2018

3 Things You Should Identify if You’re Itching to Invest on a Travel Trailer

A travel trailer is perfect for whatever type of family getaway you can think of. Whether it be a weekend in the nearest Texas state park or a whole month of travel to the northeast during autumn, a travel trailer never disappoints.

Highly towable and easier to manage, travel trailers range from 12 feet to 33 feet in length, and are equipped with all you need from bunk beds to generators. So, if you are looking for travel trailers for sale in Corpus Christi, Texas it would be great to consider these things first before resuming your search.


Size is an important consideration since the larger the trailer, the more issues one has to face to maintain it. It helps if you can handle the minor repair work yourself, but your trailer must be in the right shape for it adapts to different road and weather conditions. Maintenance does not go cheaper as your trailer ages. It is important to determine what size is manageable enough for you depending on your need.

Camping and parking costs

There are free places to camp as the Bureau of Land Management keeps a list of such sites. But most sites that are well-maintained and easier to access, i.e. those closer to roadways and local shops, charge a certain fee. Again, fees depend on your trailer’s size. Parking fees also need to be paid in a special facility especially if you do not have enough space at home or the residential community you live in does not permit RVs.


Travel trailers come with higher margins compared to other vehicles. This is due to the fact that most sales are done during the summer. Expect to see a dampened demand in all other months, especially the colder months. Another factor that makes travel trailers more expensive is that they are a luxury good. Although one can catch a trailer at a price of $7,000, most are in the five-digit range, e.g. $70,000 for a trailer that can hold six people.

A travel trailer is a dependable complement to your vehicle in every trip you make. One needs to be aware of a number of cost considerations, from maintenance, camping and parking costs, to the purchase price.

December 27, 2016

Things to Bring for a Safe and Convenient Family Road Trip

One of the best bonding activities you can enjoy with your whole family is a road trip to a place all of you have never been before. Take advantage of this holiday season to finally schedule that road trip so you can create fun memories together and experience many firsts alongside each other. Before going on a road trip, you need to make sure your ride is clean, ready, and comfortable. Here are some RV accessories you must get for your family’s safety and convenience.

Maintenance Needs

An expert from Moix RV says it doesn’t matter if you have a brand new camper or you just recently bought a used RV for sale in Arkansas. Both will need a complete set of maintenance accessories for you to make sure your road trip goes as smoothly as possible. Every vehicle has maintenance needs and you must be ready for them. Accessories you may need include a hydraulic jack and tire pressure gauge to fix flat tires, leveling blocks for an even camper, and hand tools for various purposes.

Entertainment Options

Road trips can last for many, many hours. You can get some sleep and talk to each other about everything under the sun, but you also need some entertainment options to keep the whole family occupied. You must have gadgets and chargers with you for entertainment. Bring a portable generator just in case. Other sources of entertainment include card games, books, and a portable hard drive full of movies.

Kitchen Accessories

Make use of your RV’s mini kitchen by making sure you have all the cookware, supplies, and utensils you need for when you get hungry in the middle of the road and want to prepare something. Make sure to clean up dirty dishes by having a small drying rack, or you can use disposable utensils for less hassle.

These are just some road trip essentials that can make your time with the entire family fun, comfortable, and safe. This way, you can get to your destinations without experiencing any trouble.