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Woman with pallet racking system in the back August 8, 2018

An Overview of the 3 Kinds of Rollers Used in Pallet Flow Racking Systems

There are various methods through which you can improve the efficiency of your warehouse. One of these is by reducing clutter and maximising the space of your warehouse. A pallet racking system is an inexpensive and efficient solution to help you achieve this objective.

Rollers are an essential component of all warehouses to ensure the smooth flow of materials. The common types of rollers used include full width, Joloda pallet skates and poly wheels. Here are several tidbits to help you understand these rollers.

Skate Wheel/ Pallet Skate Rollers

These resemble roller skating wheels and are available in plastic or metal. Metal skate wheel rollers are designed for heavy loads. Skate roller wheels move items fast but should not be used on downward pitches. They provide an industrial design for your racking system and are perfect for wooden pallets and short lanes.

Poly {Magnum} Wheels

Poly wheels have one large wheel in their middle to control speed. They will not completely stop the flow of your item but rather slow down its flowing momentum. These rollers are extremely durable and perfect for use in freezers and moving loads weighing over 3000lbs.

Full-Width Rollers

This is the most flexible type of roller. Full-width rollers are used for heavy loads as they provide various points of contact for your pallet. The first set of full-width rollers on your discharge lane may be disabled for speed control. Temporary additional metal squares may also be installed along your discharge lane for extra speed control. You can also fix an impact plate at the bottom of your lane so that the pallet does not topple over the edge.

Adequate speed control is one of the cornerstones of an efficient and secure pallet flow racking system. Some warehouses might use trial and error to get the right speed and roller combination. You can, however, work with your supplier to determine the precise choice of rollers from the above for your warehouse.