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Mechanic examining the car suspension October 5, 2018

3 Tips on Improving Your Working Partnership with Your Mechanic

You cannot afford to underestimate the value of auto mechanics. These are people who have trained to provide a remedy to car problems. They are the first people you will need to reach out to when your car stops in the middle of nowhere. Therefore, you need to be able to trust them and them, you.

Below, discover some of the things you can do to establish a good partnership with your mechanic.

1. Communicate issues clearly

Remember, your technicians cannot just do repairs out of assumptions. They need to know what exactly they have to check on your VW commercial vehicles or any other car that you want assessed. If you recently had another mechanic repair it, be open and tell them what exactly was done and which part.

Also, if you noticed strange sounds and noises while driving, let them know so that they can pinpoint which issues to diagnose.

2. Be loyal to a good mechanic

Not until you do your homework right, finding a trusted auto mechanic these days can be an uphill climb. It’s frustrating to see a problem happen again and again. Therefore, if you are lucky to work with a trustworthy mechanic, it’s just fair that you let only them repair your vehicle when the need arises.

This way, your mechanic will not just waive some fees on your car repair bills but could even go the extra mile and give freebies.

3. Refer the shop to your friends

When you find a mechanic that is honest and genuine in their work, it’s only fair that you help them out too. One of the best ways to create that win-win relationship is by bringing in new clients. This way, you strengthen your bond, which could lead to better deals and maybe even special discounts.

It’s true that most auto mechanics are in the industry to make as much profit as they can. However, there are a few that are in it not just for money, but are also genuine in their work.

Man fixing the car August 16, 2017

Under The Hood: When Is It Time To See a Car Specialist?

It is important that you know the common signs your car needs repair. It might even save you from having an engine failure in the middle of the freeway.

Here are the most common and easiest ways to spot signs that your vehicle needs to be taken to a mechanic in Arvada for an auto repair service:

Flashing Lights

One of the easiest ways to determine your car engine’s health is the check engine light. When it is flashing, it means you need to have your engine checked as soon as possible. However, when the engine-looking symbol on your dashboard is flashing, you should not delay having your engine checked, as it could cause significant damage to your car when ignored.

Too Much Smoke From The Exhaust

Anything in excess is not good, especially if it’s the smoke coming out of your tailpipe. If your car’s exhaust pipe is emitting excessive and continuous black smoke, take it to a mechanic immediately as it may indicate that you have an oil leak, blocked air filter, or carburetor problem.

Smoke or Steam Coming From Under The Hood

It’s never a good sign for smoke or steam to come out from under the hood. This is an immediate red flag and shouldn’t be ignored, as it is an indication of an overheating problem. Ignoring this issue could eventually lead to bigger and costly problems.

Leaking Fluids

Black, dark brown, pink, or red puddles under your parked car are not a good sign. The problem could either be with your engine or transmission. You should bring your car to a mechanic as soon as possible. On a side note, fresh water dripping when the air conditioner is turned on during the summer season is nothing to worry about.

Loud or Strange Noises

Is your car making funny noises while you drive? There are various reasons it does that, and they are all not good. It might be a dropping transmission, the breaks giving out, and a lot more that require immediate attention.

Having some form of engine trouble is inevitable, especially if your car is old. But whether your car will bite the dust or not will depend on how early you catch the problem and have it fixed. At the first sign of engine trouble, you should have your vehicle checked by a mechanic.