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a girl checking her car September 25, 2018

Color Coded: An Easy Way to Identify Your Car’s Fluid Leaks

The small trickle of liquid from underneath your car is a sign of possible car trouble. Don’t just dismiss it as a little thing. In fact, now’s a good time to check your car yourself or take it to the nearest automobile repair center in Salt Lake City.

Here’s a tip: knowing the type of fluid that’s leaking from your car helps you determine which part of your car needs attention, as well as the severity of the problem in your hands. You can usually tell the type based on its color.

Brake Fluid Leaks

Brake fluid is mostly clear when it’s still new. It darkens over time, though. If your car leak is clear to slightly yellow, similar to white wine, or a light to dark brown color, you need to have a professional service your car.

Situated at the front of your vehicle, brake fluid affects the hydraulic pressure system of your car. Leaking brake fluid causes a drop in hydraulic pressure that could lead to brake failure. Call your trusted repair shop to have it towed to avoid getting into a car accident.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

If your car leak is a deep red or a dark reddish-brown color, then the trouble is likely with the automatic transmission fluid. Transmission fluid is oily, viscous, and has a sharp odor. It acts as a lubricant to allow for smoother shifting of gears.

Transmission fluid leaks usually occur around the front or middle part of your car. Driving with a leaking transmission is not as dangerous as driving when your brake fluid is leaking, but it can severely damage your car’s automatic transmission and cost you at least $4,000 for a replacement.

Coolant Leaks

Traditional coolant or antifreeze is color green, although newer cars may have bright orange, pink, or blue coolant.

Antifreeze regulates your engine’s temperature and prevents it from overheating. Excessive engine noise and reduced performance are two signs of a car low on antifreeze. Coolant leaks are usually spotted near the radiator hose and heater hose.

Keeping a close eye on your car for possible problems not only helps extend its lifespan but also reduces the risk of car accidents. Make sure to have a reliable auto repair shop on call for any emergency and to help you take better care of your car.

August 2, 2017

Buying a Used Car? Pick a Pre-Owned Sports Car

Are you looking for cars for sale here in Raleigh? Before you go for the typical passenger car, you can consider buying a used sports car instead. It may seem a ridiculous decision, but you can benefit from purchasing a sports car over a common passenger car.

Risks of Used Cars

Buying used cars always brings up the risk that comes with used cars. Arguments against buying used cars usually point to the risk of a car that has sustained more damage than advertised. When you purchase such a car, you could end up with more expenses than you expected. A used car also comes with more stringent and riskier financing.

Reliability Outweighs Risks

In spite of the risks, you can find many reliable used vehicles here in Raleigh as long as you know how to look for them. Used sports cars count among the most reliable used vehicles. This reliability comes from the higher quality materials and production that these vehicles received in the past half century.

Less Wear and Tear

In addition to the higher vehicle quality, past owners of used sports cars have usually driven the vehicles far less than more common types of vehicles. Based on a Long-Term Quality Index that surveyed 1.4 million used sports cars, the vehicles have proven more reliable than the industry standard. Vehicles such as the Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge Challenger, and many others ranked high.

Better Maintained

The reliability of used sports cars also come from the higher investments past owners gave to maintenance. As such, even older sports cars have received religious care that puts them in excellent shape. Newer models of sports cars also have parts that last far longer than your typical passenger cars.

A used car dealership here in Raleigh can help you find a great used sports car that are cheap and can last you for a long while. A pre-owned sports car can be of great use to you and can even save you some money.

June 13, 2017

The Huge Impact of Tire Manufacturing on the Environment

For off-the-road fleet owners and operators, constantly replacing truck tires is a critical component of safety and security management. For the uninitiated, old and worn-out tires may still look fully-functional. However, those within the trucking industry know exactly when they should put in a new set, as they understand the safety risks of delaying replacements.

The weight and load of heavy duty vehicles put a lot of pressure on the tires, and while built for such purposes, it doesn’t automatically mean they last forever. So what happens to them? It depends on a lot of things, but environmentally-conscious fleeting companies have these components sent out to an OTR tire recycling service.

Ongoing Tire Manufacturing and Its Environmental Impact

Green fleeting companies understand that the continuous manufacturing process of tires put a huge toll on the environment, particularly on the available resources. While there is an abundance of raw materials, replenishing them takes a long time. Their high utilization – around 200 raw materials for every single tire – in everyday industrial applications put them at risk of complete depletion.

Environmental Effects of High Energy Consumption in the Tire Manufacturing Industry

There is also the concern surrounding the high energy consumption in the tire manufacturing process. Use of massive amounts of energy means greater consumption of fossil fuels, which then further increases the risks of climate change and global warming. Reducing the demand for the creation of new tires can result in minimized environmental hostility.

Recycling Lessens Not Just Consumption, but Also Waste

Waste products are some of the leading causes of various types of pollution, including those that affect land, water, and air. So just imagine how big of an impact old and unused tires have.

Recycling, when carried out properly, contributes significantly to the lessening of both resource consumption and wastage. OTR fleet owners and managers should implement this green practice and contribute to saving the planet.

Man waxing his car May 30, 2017

Why Waxing Your Car is Still Essential

Should you wax your car? It’s a question many car owners still ask today. The answer is ‘yes’ if you care about your car’s paint. Waxing makes car paint shine, and it gives the car a layer of wax as protection from exposure.

Waxing in the old days

Your dad and his dad probably used wax on their cars. Wax then was harder to apply than it is today. The most popular and “natural” wax is carnauba, and it is a very hard substance. These days, it’s hard to find 100% pure carnauba, but manufacturers still add it to their products along with formulations that make it easier to apply and last longer. Back in the day, cars wore lacquer paint, so wax was needed to make them shine. Now, there is a clear coat over that paint which makes the paint shine and protects it from early wear. Adding wax makes paint even shinier and gives it additional protection, so the clear coat also lasts longer.

How often should you wax your car?

When you buy a brand new or used car for sale in Raleigh, you need to wash it and apply a coat of wax. Many modern waxes claim a longevity of up to a year, but that’s only true if you never take your car out of the garage. Many contaminants that can affect that wax, so it’s best to reapply a coat at least twice a year: Once in the spring and then another before winter hits. Waxing every three to four months is plenty if you want to keep the car looking great for years.

Even more protection and shine

If you want to beat even that showroom shine, don’t settle for just wax. For relatively new car paint, here’s the method: Wash it thoroughly with a recommended car shampoo. Dry it with microfiber towels. Use a clay bar and soapy water or a detail spray to remove contaminants. Wash your car a second time and dry it. Apply a polishing product. Buff it to shine. Apply your favorite wax. Buff it. Apply a coat of paint sealant. That should give you better protection and a deeper shine. It’s a lot of elbows grease, but if you’re a car guy, it’s all worth the effort.

Taking care of your car includes waxing the paint now and then. When your car is ten years old and still good-looking, you’ll see how much it has benefited from your efforts.

September 8, 2016

The Ford Focus RS: The Must-Knows

One of the latest cars to come out of the Ford Performance lineup is the Ford Focus RS. It created quite a buzz in the automotive industry prior to its official launch because of the rumored “drift mode” that the car was going to have. Now that it’s finally here, let’s get to know the Ford Focus RS.


According to Seelye Ford, the Ford Focus RS is equipped with a turbocharged four-cylinder 2.3 liter Ecoboost engine which makes 350 horsepower and 350 lb. ft. of torque mated to a six-speed manual transmission. All this is great, but not new to a Focus. What is, though, that the Focus RS is now an all-wheel drive vehicle which means power is delivered to all four wheels. This is great news for two reasons. One: it eliminates the torque steer that plagued previous high-powered iterations of the Focus, and two: the all-wheel drive layout enables the car to have drift mode.


Drift mode is not just some term marketers came up with in a room to make the car sound sophisticated. Ford really means business with the Focus RS. The all-wheel drive system can actually decide and distribute the power amongst the four wheels as it deems necessary. It can throw as much as 70% of the car’s total power to the rear wheels which in turn allows the car to go sideways in drift mode.

The stylish body styling is also functional. The huge gaps in the front bumper direct airflow to the intercooler, the radiator, and even the brakes so that it too stays cool. Over at the rear, the diffuser at the bottom of the rear bumper and the spoiler all work to increase down force, and all these little elements come together to create an exciting hot hatchback.

So if you are looking for a car that’s fast, fun to drive, sleek with a lot of personalities, and can drift, but is still practical, spacious, and drivable every day, then head on over to your local Ford Dealer and get yourself a Ford Focus RS.

March 15, 2016

How Panel Beaters Bring Life Back to Damaged Cars

A new car is a great source of joy and contentment to many people, but it may also turn out to be an inexplicable sorrow once they are damaged. Restoring the appearance and performance of an extensively damaged vehicle requires the owner to work with competent panel beaters. These auto body mechanics work on damaged cars in factories, repair workshops, and large transport firms.

A 1 Smash Repairs explains some of the services that panel beaters may offer:

Body cosmetics

Apart from performing functional repairs, panel beaters offer extensive services that make your car attractive. After the damaged car has been repaired, panel beaters may carry out polishing, repainting, sanding and grinding. Cosmetic work is also effective on undamaged cars. It involves services, such as wheel refinishing, interior and glass repairs, waxing and polishing, as well as repairing scuffs and chips.

Car restorations

Regardless of the nature of the car damage, experienced panel beaters easily restore the vehicle to its factory state. This begins by assessing the nature of the damage and identifying the most suitable place to carry out the repair work. Panel beaters usually remove the damaged components by unbolting or cutting them away from the car. Depending on the extent of damage, the experts can either repair the damaged car parts or replace them using metalworking, hydraulic or mechanical equipment.


Upgrading vehicles, restoring vehicle parts and building a new car body is part of the customisation work that panel beaters do. Customising vintage cars with low performance involves in-depth electrical work and car engine repair. Panel beaters may also customise your car by repairing or replacing transmission systems and the engine to make the vehicle perform smoother and faster.

The next time your car gets involved in an accident that leaves it in a bad condition, you shouldn’t give up on it. Contact panel beaters to restore it to its showroom state.

Driver’s Handbook February 17, 2016

The Driver’s Handbook: Knowledge and Skills of the Man behind the Wheel

Cars form the image of modern transportation technology. They are personal transportation for people, taking them from point A to point B at their convenience. Because of this phenomenon, knowing how to drive has come to be considered a staple and common life skill today. Owning a car and knowing how to drive and service one are completely different things.

If you wish to be a competent driver, here are three things you should know before taking the wheel:


Drivers must develop a keen sense of direction, so they can always make sense of their surroundings wherever they may be. They should at the very least be able to read a map, and not depend on their GPS systems all the time.

When your high-tech navigation system is on the fritz, you should know the basics. Knowing how to navigate for yourself not only keeps you from getting lost, but can help you minimise the fuel costs, time and driving effort.

Car Maintenance

If you are unskilled at car maintenance, you more likely to find yourself in a pinch when your car breaks down in the middle of the road. As the technicians of JTW Autoparts say, you should be responsible enough to learn basic car maintenance. Your car is a tool, and you should always keep that tool serviceable.

When the car is acting up, you should know how to troubleshoot and pinpoint the problem. This will give you a clear idea on when it needs to have the oil changed, the break fluids changed, or engine replaced. This can help you prevent paying more than what you have for a simple tune-up.

Rules on the Road

You are also expected to be a responsible driver. That includes, knowing and abiding by traffic rules. You should always inform yourself on traffic rules and regulations; these rules are there for a reason. Be a good law-abiding citizen, so you don’t get fined by Perth’s highway patrol.

Driving is a competency that should not be taken lightly. Educate yourself before you take the wheel.

Car Accident January 28, 2016

How to Properly Deal With a Car Accident While Still At the Scene

Nobody likes getting into an accident. However, when you’re driving a car down the highway with dozens of other cars speeding along with you, it’s not such a far-fetched idea even if you’re a careful driver. 

If you’re new to driving, remember the following things when road trouble comes your way.

Check if You’re Both Okay

Safety should always come first, especially after an accident, says Nova Smash Repairs. If you’re alright, check everyone else. They could be pretty shaken but still okay. Check for bleeding, punctures, or cuts and bruises. Do the same for the other driver as well. Best that you have a first aid kit available in your car for these kinds of emergencies.

Get Yourselves Out of the Car

For particularly bad hits, it might not be a good idea to be inside the car for long. Not unless it endangers their lives or they’re pinned to their seats, take everyone outside and have them sit down a safe distance from the crash. You can do standard first aid when you’re already at a safe enough distance.

Call a Hotline/Call for Help

Keep calm and don’t aggravate the situation by playing the blame game as soon as you’re safe outside the car. Instead of getting into a heated argument, call for medical help or have someone come in and check the damages. If you don’t have a phone handy, ask whoever’s nearby for assistance.

Don’t Get Aggressive

If you want to pursue with recovering damages, make sure you settle it outside of the incident with witnesses and an authority that can take everything down properly. That said; contact your Perth lawyer or insurance company before you choose to call a company for car smash repairs.

No matter the severity of the accident or how many are involved, you have to think clearly and rationally especially if you’re involved. There’s no real training camp for accidents, though, and it’s understandable that you might take a bit of time to get yourself together. Just remember that lives are on the line, so keep calm and carry on.