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Couple happy with their newly bought car June 26, 2018

How to Land a Great Car Deal

If you have ever driven a car before, be it your own, borrowed from a friend, or sneaked from a parent, you know the feeling of freedom that it can give you. Now that you are ready to buy a car, you long to experience that kind of freedom, too. With the sheer number of cars for sale in Auckland, it is easy for a first-time car buyer to be overwhelmed. How do you get the best deal among the many cars for sale in Auckland? Read on and find out.

Do your homework

The first and single most important thing to do before buying a car is equipping yourself with knowledge. The adage knowledge is power rings true when purchasing a car – it is essential to your car-buying journey. It would be wise to do a whole lot of online research prior to scheduling a trip to any dealership. These days, it is perfectly doable to know a whole lot of things about the car you are planning on buying. The internet is your best ally as you do your research. You will be more confident walking into any dealership when you know that you have done your homework.

Shop around

When you are completely clear about the things that you want in a car, it is now time to go car hunting. Do not limit yourself to just one dealership. It will be in your best interest to shop around. Look at the deals that three to five dealerships are offering. Compare them and see which deal will be most beneficial to you.

Stick to your budget

The only person who would suffer the consequences of an impulse buy is you. Be responsible enough to stick to the budget and the specifications that you have set. Your future self will thank you for it.

June 13, 2018

The Benefits of Regular Car Maintenance

Formula Motorsports will be the first to agree that driving your Porsche in NYC is all fun and games until you encounter your first car trouble — the clutch not properly working or the engine behaving badly.

Since you have spent considerable financial resource on your car, you would want it to run as smooth as possible for as long as possible. Unfortunately, not every Porsche in NYC is sent for proper maintenance.

For some people, the ideal car maintenance is nothing more but an occasional oil change and causal checking of the tires. If you don’t show your car the right amount of TLC, these three benefits should convince you to start doing so now.

1. Increased Safety

The first and probably the most important benefit of getting regular maintenance for your car is safety. It is general knowledge that the condition of your car is directly related to its level of safety.

If you don’t go for regular maintenance check and impair the ability of your car to properly function, safety risks for everyone in the car and for everyone on the road with you increase. Make sure that you, your loved ones, and motorists driving beside you are safe by going through regular maintenance.

2. Enhanced Reliability

If you don’t take care of your car, then you shouldn’t expect too much from it when you hit the road. You can only be sure of the reliability of your car only if you take good care of it.

When you go for regular maintenance checks, expert technicians will be able to ensure that the parts are in tiptop shape and are working in harmony, therefore increasing the reliability of your car.

3. Extended Lifespan

Since buying a car is a major investment, you would want to prolong the life of your car for as long as possible. Regular maintenance gives your car extended lifespan since it prevents issues and ensures parts are always in their best shape.

Your car is your best ally when on the road. Show it the care it deserves by getting regular maintenance checks. You will be glad to reap these amazing benefits.

Man holding a car tire December 27, 2017

Don’t Put Yourself in Danger because of Faulty Car Tires

The tires are the only thing separating the body of your car – and you, in it – from the road. They’re also the only thing that can stop your vehicle from crashing into something or someone, as well as from skidding off the lanes. And of course, there’s their primary function of wheeling you from one place to another.

All these reasons should already make you recognize just how crucial they are, and how vital it is to ensure they work perfectly fine. Knowing when to bring your ride (and doing so) to one of the reputable auto shops in Alexandria, VA can make all the difference in their performance, life, and most importantly, safety for use.

Noticeable wearing just on the center

Wearing affecting only the middle area of your tire/s typically suggest overinflation. Because the tire has too much air pumped into it, its center ring comes into significantly more contact with the road. In other words, whenever you drove, the affected tire only had a portion of its rubber passing over the streets or highways. You most likely have noticed how you have poor traction. It’s because of this overinflation.

Bulging, cracking, and/or peeling

There are many possible reasons for these types of damages to your tires. However, they often result from driving over potholes, debris, curb, or any other surface that your tire manufacturer didn’t design them for. Furthermore, errors when it comes to inflation and pressure also place bigger risk of damage to them.

Delaying maintenance or even skipping it

Lastly, you should also know that all those times you postponed or even skipped your car’s routine maintenance can – if they haven’t already – put a huge toll on your tires. Since these are some of the first things that mechanics check and apply fixes on, delays in repairs or tune-ups can significantly affect their performance and usage.

Always keep in mind that your responsibility in maintaining your car is yours alone, so know when to bring it in for repairs and avoid missing your scheduled maintenance.

August 2, 2017

Buying a Used Car? Pick a Pre-Owned Sports Car

Are you looking for cars for sale here in Raleigh? Before you go for the typical passenger car, you can consider buying a used sports car instead. It may seem a ridiculous decision, but you can benefit from purchasing a sports car over a common passenger car.

Risks of Used Cars

Buying used cars always brings up the risk that comes with used cars. Arguments against buying used cars usually point to the risk of a car that has sustained more damage than advertised. When you purchase such a car, you could end up with more expenses than you expected. A used car also comes with more stringent and riskier financing.

Reliability Outweighs Risks

In spite of the risks, you can find many reliable used vehicles here in Raleigh as long as you know how to look for them. Used sports cars count among the most reliable used vehicles. This reliability comes from the higher quality materials and production that these vehicles received in the past half century.

Less Wear and Tear

In addition to the higher vehicle quality, past owners of used sports cars have usually driven the vehicles far less than more common types of vehicles. Based on a Long-Term Quality Index that surveyed 1.4 million used sports cars, the vehicles have proven more reliable than the industry standard. Vehicles such as the Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge Challenger, and many others ranked high.

Better Maintained

The reliability of used sports cars also come from the higher investments past owners gave to maintenance. As such, even older sports cars have received religious care that puts them in excellent shape. Newer models of sports cars also have parts that last far longer than your typical passenger cars.

A used car dealership here in Raleigh can help you find a great used sports car that are cheap and can last you for a long while. A pre-owned sports car can be of great use to you and can even save you some money.

May 26, 2016

Heavy Duty Uses of Vehicle Lifters in Auto Shops

No matter what kind, vehicles are tremendously heavy objects that no normal person can simply roll over. This is why when vehicular problems occur, auto repair shops use vehicle lifts to sort things out.

According to JMC Equipment, a distributor of 1500xLT motorcycle lifts, while it’s possible to repair a car or a truck by going under the vehicle, it’s simply not the safe way of doing fixes anymore.

From Major Heavy Duty Work to Routine Use

All vehicles experience stress in the form of wear and tear; these would need maintenance and repair from time to time. One reason auto repair shops use vehicle lifts is to address the increasing demand for efficient repairs.

Maintenance and Checkups

Vehicle lifts serve as tools to raise the production capability of an auto repair shop. Technicians can do more maintenance repairs as fast as possible while still being safe from preventable hazards. Also, having a vehicular lift lowers the risks of accidents in the workplace, helping business owners cut costs.

Inspections and Performance

Auto repair staff and technicians that use vehicular lifts increase their productivity because they don’t have to spend so much time maneuvering the tight underside of a vehicle. It also decreases cost since extra hours are no longer needed.

Vehicle Roundup Factors

The biggest considerations in any vehicle repair are the proof of an effective job. At the end of every work order, the technician will test out the vehicle and see if the problem still exists. This inspection process depends on a variety of factors other than the resolution of a problem. It also looks into the comfortability and overall feel of the vehicle.

Vehicle lifters do more than just make the job of car repair and inspection easier. It’s also a way for auto repair shops to efficiently cut costs without comprising the workers’ well-being.

February 29, 2016

Auto Donations: How Far Can Your Car Go?

WRCBlog.netThere is no better time to help those who are in need than now.

But, as easy as it sounds — like donating your cars or other vehicles such as your truck, boat, RV, or motorcycles — there will always be little doubt left about what happens after we extended a helping hand.

Indeed, donating a worn-out vehicle and getting something in return sound like a good deal to anyone looking for a way to dispose of their used items and help other people in the process. But, not many are aware of the real elements and factors that go when one decides to donate a car.

Donate A Car, a provider of industry leading car donation processing services, shares more information below:

Choosing An Authentic Not-For-Profit Partner

When people started hearing about car donations as a means of helping out a cause and getting a tax return deduction, it rained cars.

Not too long ago, only a handful of charities accepted this type of donation as its primary benefactors. But, as soon as it became too popular, third-party brokers rushed into the picture; thus, turning the spirit of giving into an opportunistic business scheme.

In fact, according to a 2005 Government Accountability Office report, “Of the 45 charities we contacted during our review that reported using third-party agents, 20 said third parties were paid a percentage of net proceeds for their vehicle donation services, many splitting the net proceeds 50/50.”

With this, charities only get a small portion of the proceeds from the donated car, and sometimes, even lower depending on the arrangements.

If there is a third-party broker involved, the report suggests that a charity may only receive a percentage of the resale price of not more than 20%.

Car Eligibility and Charity Reputation

Identifying a trusted non-profit partner in your preferred area can be difficult. But, once you’ve filtered out your options and found the one that aligns with your cause, the next step would be to know if your chosen institution accepts cars for donation.

Although most non-profit organizations process car donations these days, every institution reflects different ratings and trust factors.

If your chosen organization accepts cars as gifts, secure a copy of their tax filings or financial statement, so you can get a feel of how they distribute and process donations.

Another great way to determine a charity’s authenticity is by dropping them an unexpected visit to see the actual work they do.

Tax Deductions And More

Before, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allowed a total tax deduction based on a donated vehicle’s fair market value and not how much it sold for. Now, they made it even simpler to understand by detailing how much one can get by donating a car to charity.

  • If the charity uses the vehicle – You can claim fair market value if they make significant use of the vehicle or make material improvements to it, such as major repairs that significantly increase its worth.
  • If the vehicle sells for $500 or less – You can claim fair market value (up to $500) of the vehicle.
  • If the vehicle sells for more than $500 – You can claim the exact amount the vehicle sold for.
  • If the vehicle sells for more than $5000 – You can claim the exact amount for which the vehicle sold and must complete an independent written appraisal.

There is real value in our possessions, but only when we know how to use them and help others along the way can it have an actual meaning.

February 6, 2016

The Modern Steed: What Every Car Should Provide You

Since the first combustion engine has been invented to fit a chassis with four wheels, cars have beeb developed in an age of convenient transportation for everyone. They have since become the most preferred choice of transportation today. In Perth, people consider vehicles as the steeds of modern times, as it can take you from point A to B with maximum comfort at a high speed. But, apart from being convenient mode of transportation, cars are also extensions of your home and should provide you with a number of comforts.

Here are top three of the perks the car gives you:

Air Conditioning

Whether it’s a hot day in Summer or just a temperate day, an air conditioner blowing cold air on your face is always welcome. One things that makes riding your car the more convenient alternative to the daily commute is that it has its own air conditioning. Keeping the sweat off can keep the stress off before going to school or work.


Your own transport means you get to enjoy the privacy that comes with it. From locked doors to dark tinting, you can keep yourself and your activities away from the prying eyes. Industry expert Tint Works explains that quality window tints can help reduce the blinding glare, keeping the worst of the UV rays away. It can also make windows shatter-proof, minimising risk of theft and damage.


If you are someone who is always on the move, you will be among the first to affirm that having a car helps you keep your baggage. When you are on the road for quick getaways, either on business or leisure, you tend to bring a lot of things with you. Another great perk to having a car is having your own pack mule. You can store gadgets, clothes and even your toothbrush in it. Wherever you go, you will have everything you need securely stored in the trunk, or at the back seat.

Cars are undoubtedly worth buying for its functionality, to make sure you enjoy all its perks.