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Guy riding a quad bike October 22, 2018

How Much Do Farmers Have to Spend on Helmets for Quad Bikes?

Farmers in New Zealand should no longer forego the use of helmets when driving all-terrain vehicles since there are many product choices on the market.

The price range of helmets for farm quads for sale cost between $88 and $250, depending on the model and manufacturer. Some higher-priced options even include in-helmet communications that could be used for mobile phones.

Safety Compliance

The use of helmets serves as a requirement for anyone who plans to drive quad bikes and other ATVs, according to the NZ Transport Agency. Other requirements include vehicle licence and registration, driver’s licence and a current warrant of fitness.

The NZTA doesn’t require farmers to use helmets if they drive below 30km per hour when moving to and from different farms, but the safety practice of wearing helmets remains necessary. The agriculture sector has been the most dangerous industry in New Zealand, where vehicles are among the major safety risks. Collisions could still happen, even if drivers move at slow speeds within farms, according to the NZTA.

Modern Solution

Other ways to uphold safety and improve best practices involve the use of software apps. One example is the SafeFarm mobile app, which allows farmers to record safety hazards and incidents. It also lets them become familiar with the location of emergency equipment by just using the app.

The new solution is free of charge, and its developer expects more farmers to use as an additional tool. A diverse approach to safety has become important, especially after seven out of nine recorded accidents happened in August because of quad bikes or other farm vehicles.

You can’t put a price on vehicle safety, but it’s important to spend a decent amount on protective equipment such as helmets. How much are you willing to spend on safety accessories?

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