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Guy riding a quad bike October 22, 2018

How Much Do Farmers Have to Spend on Helmets for Quad Bikes?

Farmers in New Zealand should no longer forego the use of helmets when driving all-terrain vehicles since there are many product choices on the market.

The price range of helmets for farm quads for sale cost between $88 and $250, depending on the model and manufacturer. Some higher-priced options even include in-helmet communications that could be used for mobile phones.

Safety Compliance

The use of helmets serves as a requirement for anyone who plans to drive quad bikes and other ATVs, according to the NZ Transport Agency. Other requirements include vehicle licence and registration, driver’s licence and a current warrant of fitness.

The NZTA doesn’t require farmers to use helmets if they drive below 30km per hour when moving to and from different farms, but the safety practice of wearing helmets remains necessary. The agriculture sector has been the most dangerous industry in New Zealand, where vehicles are among the major safety risks. Collisions could still happen, even if drivers move at slow speeds within farms, according to the NZTA.

Modern Solution

Other ways to uphold safety and improve best practices involve the use of software apps. One example is the SafeFarm mobile app, which allows farmers to record safety hazards and incidents. It also lets them become familiar with the location of emergency equipment by just using the app.

The new solution is free of charge, and its developer expects more farmers to use as an additional tool. A diverse approach to safety has become important, especially after seven out of nine recorded accidents happened in August because of quad bikes or other farm vehicles.

You can’t put a price on vehicle safety, but it’s important to spend a decent amount on protective equipment such as helmets. How much are you willing to spend on safety accessories?

Car Service and Maintenance March 20, 2018

4 Points That Say Your Car Needs an Oil Change

Oil is essential to keep your engine running. It keeps your machine in its top shape and your car running in its top condition. However, like other things, proper and regular maintenance is a must.

While changing the oil is something you should do regularly, some car owners don’t take note of their schedule. They rely on mileage rather than the warning signs below. Once you notice them, jerrylambertautomotive.com and other experts noted that bringing your car to an oil change center is necessary.

1. Change in color

One of the most common signs that your car needs an oil change is when the oil turns into dark color. New and clean oil is amber in color. Once the oil becomes dark, it’s high time you change it.

2. Loud noises

Oil lubricates various parts of your car to keep it running well. Without proper lubrication, the engine won’t be able to run properly because metals and parts would come in contact with each other. Once you hear such noise, it’s time to bring your car for an oil change.

3. Engine light

Your dashboard will display an icon of an oil pot, signaling that your car is due for oil change. When this starts flashing, bring your car for an immediate oil change to prevent possible or further damage to your engine.

4. Oil Smell

A whiff of oil in your car is a bad sign. A strong gas odor likely means that there’s a leak in your engine. The leak will be burned and will be released in the exhaust area. An overheating engine can, of course, cause serious damage to your car.

Be a responsible car owner by being observant and changing your engine oil in time.

Pouring Fuel May 13, 2017

10 Tips in Better Fueling Handling

Fuel leaks are one of the most common workplace accidents. It’s important for your team to know how to handle and store fuel effectively and how to act in cases of fuel leaks and emergencies. Here are 10 ways on how to handle fuel better so you reduce workplace accidents:

  1. Ensure that there are safety and warning signs posted in areas of where you’re storing fuel.
  2. Make sure you dispose of any material used in clearing fuel leakage. This includes gloves, clothes and any protective gear.
  3. Never use petrol to start a fire for barbecues. It is also not safe to use it as a cleaning solvent. It is not safe to wash your hands using petrol.
  4. Ensure that your employees are wearing protective gear when handling fuel. This is to ensure that the petrol is kept away from the skin, eyes, nose and mouth.
  5. Store fuel only in their appropriate storage units. And make sure they are properly labelled and sealed.
  6. If you have fuel storage tanks, make sure you don’t overfill them. For transport purposes, you can check out mobile diesel tank for sale.
  7. It is important to keep ignition sources away from areas where fuel is stored. Storage areas should be neat, clean and well lighted. Make sure there are appropriate fire extinguishers in your facility.
  8. In cases of fuel leakage, make sure you have first aid personnel on call to provide immediate medical attention.
  9. Make sure you provide training to your employees on how to act and handle fuel leakage.
  10. When you are working with fuel, avoid prolonged exposure to the fuel vapour as this could affect your health. Make sure you’re wearing complete protective gear when handling fuel.

All these guidelines can help you make your workplace a safer place for your employees. Remember that preparedness is one of the key secrets on reducing workplace incidents. Don’t skimp on them.

November 21, 2016

Ideal Situations Where Hiring Heavy Equipment is Better Than Buying

When it comes to acquiring construction equipment, a lot of business owners debate on whether to buy or just hire one. When running a business, it’s required to always opt for the practical choice and there are times when hiring is the better option. Consider the following situations that are pro-rental.

Hire When Projects Have Various Venues

Buying your own equipment can be great when your projects are all done within the vicinity and you need your equipment close to you. However, it’s a totally different story if you’re required to be in various venues because of several jobs. Construction contracts are usually done in different locations, sometimes all at the same time, and it would be impractical to buy equipment for all of those projects.

Hire When It’s Only for One Job

Heavy equipment such as rollers and diggers are regularly hired and used for construction. However, you might need a specific machine for a small home landscaping job and you probably won’t be able to use it for your other current projects. This would make it an impractical purchase and can even raise the project’s estimated price if you insist on buying it.

Hire When There’s Not Enough to Buy

Purchasing heavy construction equipment can be a worthwhile investment for you and your business, eventually. However, if it’s still too much capital for your company to handle then it would be good business to put it off until later when you have earned enough from present and upcoming projects. Hiring the equipment that you lack would be a more practical choice while you are saving up for your own.

The answer to the question “Buy or hire?” mostly depends on your business’ financial standing and the kind of projects you’re involved in. Once you’ve made up your mind to hire do look up reputable rental companies for your equipment needs. Just remember to negotiate for affordable, justifiable and profitable rental payments. You are running a business after all.

September 11, 2016

Understanding the Basic Metal Fabrication Processes

A lot goes into the creation of the metal things you see every single day. With an entire industry dedicated to unearthing metals, another up to transforming them into something useful and a final industry in charge of bringing those things to the masses, one could really appreciate the work involved with creating a metal-based modern world.

Professionals from kenrometal.com.au note that to get a grasp on the basic metal fabrication processes, it is best to understand the three different categories of jobs the metal fabrication industry takes on:

  • Commercial

This involves creating the components of the metal items the majority of today’s market uses, such as appliances and automobiles.

  • Industrial

This involves fabrication of the tools used in other manufacturing industries, from food to textiles to clothing.

  • Structural

A majority of the structures erected in the past century or so rely on metal as a building material. This category deals with the creation of those specific items.

With the different fabrication categories out of the way, let us list the individual processes the industry typically employs:

  1. Stamping – this raises a section of a single piece of metal. Used in soda cans.
  2. Punching – this creates holes in any part or component.
  3. Cutting – depending on the type and thickness of the metal, various cutting methods apply.
  4. Folding – in order to create curved or bent components, this precise process is utilised.
  5. Machining – this involves precisely reshaping a piece using drills, lathes or other machinery.
  6. Welding – heats two pieces of metal to easily, seamlessly fuse them.
  7. Shearing – involves one long single cut to achieve the correct size of the material.

The metal fabrication industry is constantly improving, which means it is highly likely that the processes mentioned here will undergo significant refinements in the decades to come. As more and more items emerge with metal as their primary material, the industry will need to keep up not only in terms of demand but also quality.

September 6, 2016

The Way to a Memorable Wedding

The wedding is the main highlight in a person’s life. Most people only get to experience this once in their life. This is why couples want everything to be perfect on that special day. It is not just another chapter in a relationship but also a great time for relatives and friends to get together. With the number of people participating in the event, no one wants a wedding that is forgettable.

Making your big day even more special involves a huge deal of creativity and risk-taking. Here are some things you can do to make your wedding memorable for your guests.

The Car

Most people would simply hire a limo to take the entourage to the venue. While it may be the classy choice, it can be a basic and simple one. You can hire wedding cars in Sunshine Coast and choose from different styles. If the theme of your wedding is retro, you can simply get the appropriate car to match the style. After the wedding, you will also need the car to take you to the reception area. Exit the scene in style with a car you can design according to your needs.

The Guest Book

While your guests are waiting, the best way to keep them busy is through filling out the guest book. You can try to change it up by not making the guest book an actual book. Replace it with Polaroid pictures they can take at a photo booth and sign at the back with their message. Some may want to make it close to nature and get wishing stones for guests to write on. These stones can then be part of your garden when you move into your home as husband and wife.

Straying away from tradition is the way to make your wedding different and memorable.

September 2, 2016

Important Hacks on Finding a Trouble-Free Used Car

Many people believe that buying a used car can be very risky. This makes sense, as there are dealerships that offer used vehicles may look great, but are hiding damages that you’ll only discover upon closer inspection. For others, though, purchasing a previously owned car is a great alternative to spending money on a new one. If you want to give it a shot, remember that the key to finding a quality used car is to do some research.

Here are some hacks to make the process easier: 

Narrow down your choices

Make a shortlist of the makes or models that you wish to buy. After that, check out some automotive websites to learn more about those cars. Read the reviews and other relevant information. If you are looking for a family vehicle, for example, be sure that the car you are eyeing will meet your specific needs.

Visit the lot

When you visit certain car dealerships in Northern Michigan, remember to check several important things. First, don’t be fooled by a car’s fresh coat of paint. Just because it is a new paint job doesn’t mean everything else about the vehicle is working perfectly. Inspect the body closely for rust or other damages. If you find any, just walk away. Fletch's GMC Buick Audi says you should also look for wear and tear on the seats and carpeting. 

To see if the electrical system is working fine, check the lights, signals, fans, heating, and air conditioning. Make sure to inspect the tire as well for any deterioration. There are dealerships that are willing to share a used car’s service history. You might want to ask for it so you will know which parts have been replaced previously. 

Test drive

If possible, ask a trusted mechanic to tag along with you when you do a test drive so he can help in recognizing signs of trouble. Once you are on the road, pay attention if there’s any sputtering from the engine. You should also check if the vehicle accelerates and decelerates easily, and if the gearshift is in good condition.

Patience is important in getting an excellent deal on a used car. As long as you to do your homework and perform a thorough inspection, you will be able to find a vehicle that is worth your money.

June 23, 2016

Choosing a Garage Door: Important Factors to Consider

Garage Door In ChicagoThese days, homeowners give importance to their garage simply because they use it not only for their cars but also as an extension of their living room. In case you are looking for a garage door company, Chicago has various manufacturers that can help you with your garage needs. You may call and visit them for assistance.

Meanwhile, it helps to know some important points to consider when choosing a garage door before you actually shop for one. Below are some of them:

  • Style of your home

Your garage door should match the design of your home. Choose a color that will blend with its overall structure. You may have customized decorative accents like hinges and handles to add character to your door.

  • Durability of the material

Aluminum is lightweight but less durable than steel. Steel is sturdier than aluminum but can rust if scratched or dented. Wood, which is a traditional choice, can take more abuse than steel. Fiberglass is more durable than wood and metal but cracks when hit.

  • Maintenance

Aluminum is rust-proof and low-maintenance. Wood requires painting or staining as a regular maintenance. Steel doesn’t rust or require repainting as often as wood does. Fiberglass requires minimal maintenance as it doesn’t rust like steel or rot like wood.

  • Comfortability

If your garage serves as a workspace, choose an insulated core with a higher R value for protection from noise. Take note that a higher R value increases comfort and saves energy too. Likewise, choose a trusted brand and have it installed by a professional.

  • Security

Consider security features like the keypad, remote, and handless doors. The keypad allows you to enter the house through the garage without a key. You can program the remote and change it as often as you want. And lastly, the handless door can foil a thief’s attempt to enter your home.

Anything that provides comfort and security is what matters to homeowners like you. Always choose the one that offers more benefits than the others. Sometimes, it pays to spend more.

June 17, 2016

What You Should Know about Cherry Pickers

There are many reasons that you might need to find a cherry picker. It may be to do some maintenance, prune a tree, or actually pick cherries or other kinds of fruit. In most cases, it does not make sense to buy one if you will only use it once or twice. It would be better if you just hired it when you need it.

What is a cherry picker?

According to Premier Platforms, the official term of a cherry picker is the Mobile Elevated Work Platform. Back in the day, people used an early version of this type of vehicle to pick fruit from trees, including cherries. That is why people call it a cherry picker. Of course, cherry pickers today are much better and safer than the ones they used back then, but they still have the basic form: a basket attached to an arm that goes up and down.

What types are available?

The arm of the modern cherry picker uses hydraulics to bring the basket up and down, and it has to connect to a stable base or platform. The base can be a vehicle or a trailer, and these can be self-propelled, and all terrain self-propelled.

The type of cherry picker depends on the base. The most familiar type is the vehicle mounted one, either a truck or van, usually used for to maintain streetlights and utility poles. A trailer-mounted cherry picker is smaller, so it can get into smaller spaces. It is also stable because it uses outriggers once it in position.

What should you get?

The cherry picker you should hire will depend on your needs. However, you do not have to stress about it. Tell the hire company what you will be using it for, and they will tell you what you need. In some cases, it may be better to hire the cherry picker with a qualified operator to make sure you get the job done safely and efficiently.

Using a cherry picker may be a good idea to carry out jobs at height. You can easily hire the kind you need from experienced and reputable companies in your area.

June 9, 2016

Swerving and Collisions: Wheel Alignment May be to Blame

Of the many different possible car-related troubles, alignment is one of those that rarely get enough attention.

Smart motorists, however, understand the importance of properly aligned wheels, as they know that misalignment problems can put serious hazards not only to them but also to the other people on the road.

What alignment has to do with safe driving?

Proper vehicle wheel alignment in Hamilton plays a vital role in safe driving, as it allows drivers to efficiently and correctly lead which direction the wheels should move to.

When you drive a car with improperly aligned wheels, you can expect to have difficulties controlling your ride’s movements. This then poses serious hazards not only during normal driving conditions but more so when you face an emergency.

Swerving, drifting and collisions

Driving under normal conditions with misaligned wheels may lead to swerving, which can then place your car outside of its correct driving line. When this happens, you're at risk of colliding with another vehicle.

You will find it even harder to take full control of your vehicle when you find yourself in an emergency. In many cases, dangerous driving conditions require the driver to take action, but the incorrect alignment of the wheels can make it extremely difficult.

In many cases, motorists who have not had their wheels properly aligned have significantly reduced control of their automobile, primarily due to the worn tyre grip.

Do you have misaligned wheels?

Knowing whether you have a problem with wheel alignment can make all the difference between a safe, smooth and enjoyable ride and a crash.

In the event you notice any abnormal or sudden change in your car’s movement, such as irregular side-to-side drifting, excessive vibrations on or from the tyre, or unexplained squealing noises, you can attribute this to wheel misalignment.

Alignment has a lot to do with the safety and performance of your ride. Therefore, you should have your vehicle undergo regular wheel alignment to avoid the problems that can have disastrous consequences.