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A Row of Old Cars July 17, 2018

5 Steps to Choosing Your First Pre-Owned Car That’s Perfect for You

It is common for people to choose pre-owned cars over brand-new ones, especially if it is their first vehicle. Car dealerships are the best place to get one because they can give the buyer more peace of mind knowing the vehicle has gone through the proper quality inspections.

Now that you have decided to get a pre-owned car, where do you begin? Auto expert Giltrap Porsche believes that having a check-list can be helpful when comparing your options. So, get your notes out and follow these steps to choosing the vehicle that is perfect for you.

1. Decide What Kind You Need

Are you the only person who will be driving the car? Or is it for your whole family, including your dog? Will you use it every day or are you looking for a vehicle that is good for long drives? Thinking about what you are going to use it for will help you decide on what type of vehicle you will need.

2. Find Options

Do not just look at one make, model, or brand. Look around and take down notes as you do. The top three things you will want to look at are the model year, its current kilometres and its performance.

3. Inspect and Test Drive the Car

Ask for assistance to do a thorough inspection of the vehicle inside and out, over and under. And after that, do a test drive. This step will be your deciding factor so make sure it counts.

4. Make Sure the Vehicle is Road-Worthy

Make sure that the vehicle is certified with a WOF or a Warrant of Fitness which means it’s safe to drive out on the streets. Also, ask how long the current WOF is valid for so you will know when to have it renewed.

5. Take Care of the Paperwork

Once you have all four checked off your list, you can start taking care of the paperwork. Make sure to read the fine print and do not hesitate to ask questions if some things are not clear to you.

Everyone wants the first car to be a good one. So, make sure to follow these steps and to take time when you are comparing the benefits and features of different vehicles. Consider maintenance costs and car insurance, too. Make the right decisions for your first vehicle, and it will take care of you for as long as it could.