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November 3, 2016

Un-wrinkled: Industrial Press-Fit Piping Misinterpretations

The press-fit piping industry is one of the newest and often most misinterpreted businesses thanks to its highly technical lingo.

But, according to EuroPressGroup.com.au, there’s really not much about the operation once you know about the myths that confuse a lot of people the first time. So if you’re planning to transition from the traditional copper piping to press-fit piping and don’t where to start — the facts below will surely help you make the right choice.

It’s not as costly as it sounds

If you’re unaware, of course, hearing the term press-fit piping will indeed sound way over budget for some reason. But, if you consider how easy it is to install stainless steel systems compared to the old copper piping techniques, you’ll know that it’s actually way more affordable. In addition, the labour cost for press-fit piping is lower because the welders don’t need a specialty to operate press-fit piping systems perfectly.

Press-fit piping materials are really way cheaper than copper

While there are some discrepancies to copper and stainless steel price range, the overall cost still favours stainless steel. Apart from cheaper labour cost, the installation expense to weld stainless steel pipes cost 10% to 20% lower on average. Therefore, even if the demand price point of stainless steel pipes is high, you can offset the total in actual manufacturing and installation process.

Stainless press-fit pipes are just as durable as copper

One popular lie about press-fitting stainless steel pipes is the higher chance of leakage. Of course, that’s terrible news, if it has any bearing on it — but no, it does not. Same as with any other service, the integrity of a certain product depends on the manufacturer. When you compare an expert press-fitter to an amateur, it’s obvious who will provide better product value returns.

Whether the pipe joinery and installation process come from press-fitting stainless steel or traditional copper piping, the most important thing is the sustainability of the pipes produced. For more affordable and innovative process, however, it’s more practical to opt for press-fit piping instead.