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garage full of cars November 16, 2017

Why You Should Wait For at Least Two Months to Buy a Used Car

If you plan to buy a second-hand car, you may want to consider heading to a used car dealership in Bradenton, Florida, or in Houston, Texas, by December 2017.

The recent spate of hurricanes in both states affected the possibility of buying a secondhand car in good condition. An oversupply of new cars, a significant amount of incentive dollars and plenty of off-lease cars made it seem like a good idea to buy a secondhand unit, prior to the occurrence of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Here’s why you should consider buying used cars in Bradenton or Houston:

Hand-Me-Down Purchases

Higher prices for used cars also justify a decision to postpone buying a pre-owned vehicle. Combine that with a growing demand for such vehicles and a purchase seems less attractive at the moment. Wholesale automotive prices rose nearly 3% in September from August, according to the Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index.

If you have money to spare and you’re looking for a new driving experience, you could rent a Tesla Model 3 in Florida. However, be prepared to pay more than $160 per day to use it. Still, buying a used car seems to be the best option for most Americans.

Storms’ Impact

Harvey and Irma’s damages rendered up to 1 million vehicles useless with their value being next to nothing, aside from being likely recycled into scrap metal. The Manheim index showed that buyers should not be surprised by high prices or other market changes when they visit dealerships in Florida or Texas.

The growing retail demand for used cars buoys the strength of the wholesale market, while most of the price growth stems from the recovery after the recent hurricanes, according to the index.

Your patience will be put to the test when determining the right time to buy a secondhand car. But the bright side on this matter includes not being tricked into purchasing damaged or flooded vehicles.

December 12, 2016

Is Buying a Used Car Worth It?

Although buying a brand new car is often preferred by many, there’s no harm in purchasing a used car from Ford dealerships. Used cars have their own advantages that a brand new one can’t offer.

Initial Price

The cost of a used car is obviously lower than that of a new one. The difference between a used and new car, however, is incredibly large. Just by driving off the dealership, a brand new car loses around 30 percent of its value. With the years factored in, used cars will cost significantly less than that.

More Options

With brand new cars, you almost always have to choose from the latest models. That’s not a bad thing – but if you’re looking for a wider range of Ford selections, used cars are always better. In the used section, you might find cars going as far back as the 90s and still in their mint condition.

Security of the Car

By security, we refer to the fact that used cars are less likely to be stolen or broken into. Who would want an old model car when there are so many others out there with newer parts that can be used? With an older model, you should feel safe leaving it alone overnight and feel slightly confident that it will still be intact afterwards.

Ford Certification

The great thing about buying used Ford cars is that the brand pays close attention to the quality of a pre-owned product, explains an expert from Seelye Ford. They have this certification process that requires the item to pass an inspection to ensure that it’s still safe for reuse.

Upgrades Possible

Older models may come with older features, but that shouldn’t stop you from performing upgrades on the car. This means that you can make it more fuel efficient at a fraction of a cost or perhaps do something with the radio system.

These are only some of the perks in going for a used car as opposed to buying a new one. Just remember that as with many products, it requires extensive research before making your purchase.

Car Dealership in Petoskey November 18, 2016

3 Sources of Used Cars and What You Need to Know About Them

Sometimes, people tend to buy used cars because of their poor credit score that doesn’t allow them to qualify for a car loan. If this is your situation, worry not because you can still get a car in pretty good condition even though it is a secondhand one. You simply have to be careful where you buy it to avoid regretting your purchase. Here are three possible sources of used cars and what you need to know about each.

Car Dealerships

Most car dealerships in Petoskey and other parts of Michigan offer both new and used cars. This is by far the safest way to buy a used vehicle. A dealership won’t put something on sale without doing necessary repairs and letting a certified car inspector do a thorough assessment of its interiors, exteriors, and engine. Depending on the dealership, you can still get a warranty or add-ons when buying.

Private Sellers

Private sellers are getting more common nowadays because the Internet makes it easy to make a transaction. Some people even enter the buy and sell business, as it allows them to build their credibility online through successful sales. You can also find private sellers by posting online because maybe one of your friends know someone who is selling a car you are interested in. Test drive the car and check the history to be sure about your purchase.

Car Auctions

Car auctions are the riskiest because of its fast pace. However, you only need to check the cars to be auctioned beforehand and do your research to be sure what vehicle to bid on. It’s also advisable to ask someone who knows more about cars to accompany you in the auction. This will help you further assess the used car before you place a bid.

No matter where you buy a used car, make sure you check everything and evaluate every aspect of it before finalizing the purchase.

September 19, 2016

Low Cost Versus High Value

If you are looking to get your own set of wheels in Michigan, you should definitely go for new cars. Although used cars have significantly lower prices, they might not exactly have much value and may even cost you later on.

Buying a car is a big purchase, says Betterseeseelye.com. Apart from the price tag, you also have to worry about expenses for maintenance. By buying a new car, you reduce the risk of having future problems that people normally have with used cars. This article shares the benefits of having a new car despite being more expensive than used ones.

Easy maintenance

The biggest issue you have to worry about when it comes to vehicle ownership is maintenance. The beautiful thing about new cars is you are sure that all the parts are brand-new are made with certain standards of quality. With used cars, it is kind of hit and miss. Unlike used cars, with new ones you do not have to do a meticulous background check on who the previous owner was and how they handled the car. With used cars, you might also run the risk of buying a vehicle that has had modifications that can prove to be a nightmare in maintenance costs.

Keeping yourself protected

Another thing that is great about new cars is that can only get it from an accredited dealer. This means everything is under warranty. Insurance is also fairly easier to get at a modest price because all the parts are new and free from risky modifications. With used cars, since there is no guarantee that all the parts are new and free from modifications, you risk not being eligible for car insurance.

If you are looking for a good bargain, used cars definitely have the advantage. While you pay more for your brand new cars, you also take less risk of spending more in later years if complications occur. That is why despite the price difference, new cars are definitely the best way to go. 

September 2, 2016

Important Hacks on Finding a Trouble-Free Used Car

Many people believe that buying a used car can be very risky. This makes sense, as there are dealerships that offer used vehicles may look great, but are hiding damages that you’ll only discover upon closer inspection. For others, though, purchasing a previously owned car is a great alternative to spending money on a new one. If you want to give it a shot, remember that the key to finding a quality used car is to do some research.

Here are some hacks to make the process easier: 

Narrow down your choices

Make a shortlist of the makes or models that you wish to buy. After that, check out some automotive websites to learn more about those cars. Read the reviews and other relevant information. If you are looking for a family vehicle, for example, be sure that the car you are eyeing will meet your specific needs.

Visit the lot

When you visit certain car dealerships in Northern Michigan, remember to check several important things. First, don’t be fooled by a car’s fresh coat of paint. Just because it is a new paint job doesn’t mean everything else about the vehicle is working perfectly. Inspect the body closely for rust or other damages. If you find any, just walk away. Fletch's GMC Buick Audi says you should also look for wear and tear on the seats and carpeting. 

To see if the electrical system is working fine, check the lights, signals, fans, heating, and air conditioning. Make sure to inspect the tire as well for any deterioration. There are dealerships that are willing to share a used car’s service history. You might want to ask for it so you will know which parts have been replaced previously. 

Test drive

If possible, ask a trusted mechanic to tag along with you when you do a test drive so he can help in recognizing signs of trouble. Once you are on the road, pay attention if there’s any sputtering from the engine. You should also check if the vehicle accelerates and decelerates easily, and if the gearshift is in good condition.

Patience is important in getting an excellent deal on a used car. As long as you to do your homework and perform a thorough inspection, you will be able to find a vehicle that is worth your money.