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Commercial Truck May 25, 2017

Commercial Truck Rentals: How they Help Businesses

Regardless of your business, there will be times when you need to rent extra vehicles to make your deliveries. It is now a growing trend amongst business owners and companies to buy a few vans and lease or rent a fleet based on need, such as those from Little Green Truck. There are e a lot of benefits to hiring trucks for your service needs.

Benefits of Truck Hire

1. Maintenance

Many small and medium-sized businesses don’t have the finances to invest in a commercial van. Buying, paying insurance, hiring drivers and maintaining vans require a large capital outlay which many cannot afford. Leasing or renting is a better option as they not only have access to the newest vans and trucks but also their maintenance depends on the rental company.

2. Contractual renting

Signing a contract with the rental company will save a business the headache of looking for trucks when they have a lot of work to do. It is a good idea to check what the rates are going to be because rental companies usually take retail price and the depreciation of the value of the vehicle when quoting prices. Prices may fluctuate based on the residual value of a vehicle.

3. Fixed budget

Having a fixed budget for truck hiring will help companies manage their budget better. All a renter has to do is ensure their drivers are up to date with their driving skills and licenses. The other expense that they are responsible for is fuel.

There is no doubt that renting trucks and vehicles are better and a more cost efficient option for many businesses. There are a lot of rental companies who could offer you great rates and service.

Truck Maintenance December 9, 2015

Essential Truck Maintenance Services Before Transit

To run a freight company, you need efficient trucks that you can count on for delivering your cargo to various destinations. Just like other vehicles, they need to be well maintained to avoid delays — and irate customers.

Here are four essential truck maintenance services that you should seek regularly:

Braking System

Based on the fact that you will be covering long distances, your truck’s braking system needs to be upbeat at all times. Expert auto repair service providers can run diagnostic tests on the system to uncover hidden flaws and recommend the appropriate fix. Some parts, such as braking pads, need replacing after every two months.

Refrigeration System

The condition of your cargo depends on the refrigeration system. As such, it is important to check this system to be sure that it can provide the optimal temperatures required. This will help you prevent fresh goods from going bad during transit. More importantly, the drivers need proper training on how to operate the system before embarking on their journey.


This is one of the most important parts of the truck. Any slight damage can compromise the overall efficiency of the truck. Warner Truck Centers explains that a faulty engine increases fuel consumption. This, in turn, increases the operating costs of the company. Professional truck repair centers have computerized systems that can detect flaws in the engine and propose plausible solutions accurately.

Check Insulation

All areas that come into contact with the cargo need to be well insulated to prevent entry and loss of air from the compartments. It is important to ensure the insulation material is in good condition before transit to avoid losses. New technology has made it possible for companies to apply foam insulation material even in tight places.

These are some of the primary maintenance services that your truck needs to ensure optimal performance. This can help you get the most value with every delivery to your customers.