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June 17, 2016

What You Should Know about Cherry Pickers

There are many reasons that you might need to find a cherry picker. It may be to do some maintenance, prune a tree, or actually pick cherries or other kinds of fruit. In most cases, it does not make sense to buy one if you will only use it once or twice. It would be better if you just hired it when you need it.

What is a cherry picker?

According to Premier Platforms, the official term of a cherry picker is the Mobile Elevated Work Platform. Back in the day, people used an early version of this type of vehicle to pick fruit from trees, including cherries. That is why people call it a cherry picker. Of course, cherry pickers today are much better and safer than the ones they used back then, but they still have the basic form: a basket attached to an arm that goes up and down.

What types are available?

The arm of the modern cherry picker uses hydraulics to bring the basket up and down, and it has to connect to a stable base or platform. The base can be a vehicle or a trailer, and these can be self-propelled, and all terrain self-propelled.

The type of cherry picker depends on the base. The most familiar type is the vehicle mounted one, either a truck or van, usually used for to maintain streetlights and utility poles. A trailer-mounted cherry picker is smaller, so it can get into smaller spaces. It is also stable because it uses outriggers once it in position.

What should you get?

The cherry picker you should hire will depend on your needs. However, you do not have to stress about it. Tell the hire company what you will be using it for, and they will tell you what you need. In some cases, it may be better to hire the cherry picker with a qualified operator to make sure you get the job done safely and efficiently.

Using a cherry picker may be a good idea to carry out jobs at height. You can easily hire the kind you need from experienced and reputable companies in your area.