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Grey Porsche June 23, 2017

How to Wash and Wax Your Beloved Porsche

You can leave your Porsche’s scheduled maintenance to professionals here in New York City, such as Formula Motorsports, but you can be responsible for the washing, shining, and detailing of your beloved vehicle.

Of course, although professional cleaners can also do the washing and other work for you, there may be no better way to show your love to your vehicle by doing the work yourself.

Proper Guidelines

Now, you first have to learn how to wash, wax, and detail your car properly to do it well. When you try to perform the work without learning first, you may damage your vehicle’s paint and shine instead. To wash, wax, and detail your Porsche properly, you can follow the guidelines below.

Use Shade

First, you have to bring your car indoors or under a shade whenever you wash and wax it. Washing under the sun can cause the water to dry much quicker than you can wipe it off. When the water dries, you will have rain spots on your vehicle. Drive your Porsche into the shade to block off sunlight.

Wash and Dry

Next, you can wash your car like any other average car owner. When your vehicle has rain spots, however, you can simply apply the shampoo directly and wash it for last to let the chemical thoroughly remove the stain.

Once done with washing, you can blow dry your Porsche; a blower or dryer works best in drying your vehicle since it eliminates the risk of scratching your vehicle.

Layer the Wax

Now, when it comes to waxing, to achieve the best shine, you can layer car wax products. One car owner used Carnauba wax over a paint sealant, and he produced a rich, deep shine from his Porsche. You can try the same with your Porsche, but only if the paint has been maintained, cleaned, and polished.

You can ask your people at the maintenance service here in New York City for any tips that you can use in taking care of your beloved Porsche.

May 27, 2017

Top Tips for Caring for Your Porsche and Other Luxury Cars

Someone once said that money can’t buy happiness, but it’s so much better to cry in a Porsche.

There’s a certain appeal to luxury cars that often has everyone staring in awe. It may be their sheer beauty or just the power that their top-of-the-line engines exude, but people seem to just not get enough of them. And with more and more people being able to afford these amazing automobiles (all thanks to a boom in NYC economy), taking care of luxury cars in centers like formulamotorsports.com have become a much more common area of interest.

Yes, like most regular cars, luxury cars do need routine maintenance and care to keep them running smoothly, but certain tasks set them apart a bit from regular vehicles. Of course, we expect a Porsche oil change to be a tad different from the oil change of any old car. So here are a few tips for taking care of that beautiful ride.

Outside Protection

Most luxury car owners tend to take up two or three parking spaces to keep other cars from parking too close, which might scratch their paint job. That’s not a good idea. First off, it does nothing to protect your coat. Secondly, other people actually get out of their way to deliberately scratch the cars of those jerks who do this. So don’t do it.

Protecting the exterior means keeping it from the harmful effects of the environment. If you own a garage, always park it inside where it’s safe from UV radiation. If it’s not possible, use a car cover to protect your car.

Routine Maintenance

This might sound too basic but it’s worth mentioning. Perform routine maintenance on your luxury cars to keep them in excellent shape. Most owners fall into the trap of simply not doing it because luxury cars use the kind of fluids that don’t need to frequent changing. But remember to always keep to your maintenance schedule even if you don’t use your car that often.

We all want to drive home a luxury car, but what most people don’t know is how to keep that car in great condition. Whether you have a Porsche or just some regular old sedan, it pays to know how to care for your car.

Persinalize Porsche April 26, 2016

Get Personal: Top Customization Accessorize for Your Porsche

Owning a Porsche is one of the biggest investments that you can ever make and something that gives you pride and joy. Just having one in your possession already uplifts your status. And while some Porsche owners rather not tinker with their rides, note that there are plenty of customization options that will turn your luxury car into something even more worthy of driving around in.

Here are some suggestions.

Custom Lights

There are tons of aftermarket lights available for your choosing, with many of them having the power to give your ride a facelift. Headlights, indicator lights, fog lamps, and brake lights are just a few examples of custom lights you can fit your Porsche with to make it more visible, and thus, safer during night drives.

Body Kits

Body kits are some of the leading vehicle customization products you will find on the market today. These will give your car a complete transformation, what with handsome spoilers they come with and their other trim accessories. With a body kit in place, your Porsche will feel even sportier and look even more handsome than it already is.

Custom Wheels and Tires

Another way to dramatically improve how your ride looks and performs is to fit it with custom wheels and tires. Go all out and buy Fuchs wheels for your Porsche. Made from genuine forged aluminum, you can expect serious improvements in many aspects of your ride with these wheels in place. Strong, durable, and lightweight, these custom aftermarket wheels will definitely make your car perform better, more efficiently, and a lot safer.

Interior Accessories

You do not have to replace everything inside your Porsche, but you surely can add a bit more to make drives and rides even more comfortable and enjoyable. From dashboard trim kits to custom shifter knobs and custom slip covers, you can give your luxury car’s appearance a more personalized feel and vibe.

While you may have to spend money on these upgrades and modifications, the benefits that you will enjoy will definitely make the expense worth it.