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April 3, 2017

Drilling a Well in Utah? You Should Know These Two Factors First

Drilling a Water WellAs water shortage becomes a more serious concern, you are better off securing your water supply. Rainwater harvesting is a good choice since it makes use of the water collected from your roof. You only need to fix the gutters and get a suitable storage facility. Alternatively, you can go for a more permanent solution — well drilling.

Exterradrilling.com and other experts noted that well drilling is becoming a popular choice for those living in Park City. A well ensures a steady source of water for both domestic and industrial use for a long time, so many see it as an efficient solution.

Understand water rights

By law, you need the state’s approval when sinking a well that goes deeper than 30 feet into the ground. The state of Utah considers all waters in the state to be a public property and as such, you have to secure a water right to remove the water from the state’s natural sources.

Simply put, a water right is a license to make beneficial use of water. It details how much water you should extract and what compromises beneficial use as well as the duration of use. Study the state of the water rights before commencing with the drilling process to avoid trouble.

Hire a professional drilling firm

Drilled wells make the best choice when seeking a permanent solution to water shortages. This involves the use of machinery to sink wells that are up to 1,000 feet deep and requires expertise and knowledge of the field.

Moreover, the state needs an expert to carry out the project to avoid unfortunate incidents. They help you site the well properly to avoid contamination. They also help you make the best choice of pump and install an efficient piping system. A professionally sunk well will serve you for a long time.

All waters in the state of Utah are public property, and you need state approval to tap into the natural resources. Sinking a well makes a good choice to safeguard your water supply, and you should get an expert service to help you with the process.

September 27, 2016

Don’t Haul It In Yet: What The Right Haulage Contractor Should Have

There are many factors to consider when selecting the most suitable form of transport to get your products from one place to another. The options of freight transportation vary depending on the area, and in Australia and NZ, there are different transportation options available. Every business should take the time finding out what it takes to find the right haulage contractor.

A clear timetable of operations

A good logistics company will make sure that the customer is aware of any complications encountered. They should account for delays, road closures, bottlenecks and human error without compromising the arrival of goods in good condition.

Accessibility and reliability

The key to being the transporter to count on is one who puts client needs above everything else. The company should make sure that there are reduced travel times, fewer transfers for optimal travel solutions and can be counted on no matter what conditions may arise.

Cost and safety of goods

Most would say that the fastest mode is the best option. Faster services lead to higher operational costs. Speed does not always result in maximum satisfaction because it could result in bad consequences. Meeting time frames should not come at the expense of goods delivered.

Getting the whole package

Some business owners may have different selection criteria in choosing the haulage company that works for them. But it all boils down to a contractor that values client needs and gets the job done. The reputation of the industry and how long they have been in business can be important considerations, too.

Most businesses prefer road transport since it has the fastest transit time.  But the contractors at Cates Brothers know that nothing good comes out of a rushed job. Look for companies with impressive fleet profile and long history in the transportation business, as well as provide the right solution for cartage, haulage and earthmoving specialists.

The operations of most businesses depend on the transport company they choose to manage their goods. It is crucial to get a contractor that can help getting goods from A to B in the best possible way.