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September 14, 2017

Does Your Insurance Cover Flooding from Hurricane Harvey?

As much as 17% of residents in Harris County, Texas, have insurance from flooding and if you’re one of those people, dealing with insurers will be the next important step post-Harvey.

It is common knowledge that most homeowners’ insurance excludes damages from flooding, although it is still important to be aware of what your contract may cover amid the flooding situation. In the meantime, you can start doing simple repairs and paperwork to make it easier for you to file a claim.

Covered Damages

The Federal Emergency Management Agency administers the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which provides insurance guidelines for flood-related claims. Even if you have flood insurance, you should still check whether or not your insurer will cover certain damages.

The NFIP covers basic systems such as those for water, electric, plumbing, and heating. Different appliances also have coverage, as well as a detached garage.

It is a different story for flood-damaged vehicles. In the future, however, you can keep your car safe from similar flooding scenarios by installing a Titan 2-post lift in your garage, which you can get from firms such as JMC Equipment.

Mortgage Woes

Some residents with existing mortgages for their flooded houses will need to be extra patient in claiming insurance money, which will be held first by their mortgage providers. After they do all necessary repairs, that is the only time that they can have access to their flood insurance.

The NFIP required this condition to prevent certain homeowners that receive a huge check and fail to repair their houses. This consequently leaves the mortgage holder with a flood-damaged property that would suffer foreclosure after that.


Insurance claims always require tedious work. The context of filing a claim amid the impact of Hurricane Harvey makes it even harder for homeowners to file claims, yet knowing the coverage of your plan will somehow make it easier for you to move on and start anew.

September 23, 2016

Taking to The Fifth Wall: Your Ceiling Deserves a Paint Job

Many households take their walls for granted. As long as they have a lot of furniture or a good interior finish, everything is fine. But ceilings could draw attention from visitors if they do not get a proper paint job.

The struggle of ceiling painting

When it comes to interior design, most people argue about whether ceramic or wooden flooring is better. Do the furniture and display items match our aesthetic? We only pay attention to ceilings when the paint is peeling off.

Some find painting the ceiling inconvenient. Balancing on top of a wobbly ladder, painting in a straight line and getting clean edges can be enough for people to disregard how bad their ceilings look. Combine that struggle with the smell of paint and the neck pain that results from bending your neck upwards for hours. It can be a frustrating experience. No wonder painting frescoes on the Sistine Chapel drove Michelangelo crazy.

You need the proper equipment

Painting ceilings is not that hard as long as you have the right equipment to get the job done. Tauranga Hire advises to look for high quality scissor lift equipment rentals that will suit the job. Customers do not have to worry about safety concerns because they use well-maintained hire equipment that complies with health and safety regulations.

Once you have the scissor lift with you, taking on the ceiling is a cinch. A ceiling may not be what visitors notice about a house right away, but it could be if you make the right colour choice. Colours can influence moods and reflect the personality of its residents. The right hue can be the key to a healthier home.

All parts of the house deserve attention and the worst you can do is put off ceiling repainting. It is completely hassle-free once you enlist the right services to help.

July 27, 2016

3 Ways to Safeguard Your Home from Termite Damage

Termites cause billions of dollars of damage across the United States every year, causing many homeowners to incur hefty losses and lose their homes. Despite their diminutive size, termites are known as the silent destroyers. They are capable of inflicting thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your property before there are any visible signs of damage.

Since termites, which surprisingly measure less than one centimetre, operate below the surface, they can access any section of your property without your knowledge. As a result, they can pose a serious threat to the structural integrity of your property’s foundation.

Have a professional termite inspection

In addition to offering termite control service, a professional firm in Michigan and Indiana will inspect your home for termite damage. Although signs of termite damage, which include hollow spots, tunnels and shelter tubes, sometimes occurs in hidden and hard to reach places. Professionals possess the necessary skills and equipment to ferret them out the termite presence. After encountering termites, professionals take corrective measure with the aim of eradicating the pests.  

Take preventative measures

Other than eliminating the pests, experts can help you set up specific actions that limit the spread of termites around your property. Some of the practical solutions include restricting the amount of water accumulating in your property. Water droplets from a faulty tap, AC units or broken pipes offer excellent relief to termites, especially during hot weather. Similarly, you should prevent water accumulating near your foundation by having a good gutter system and downspouts.

Institute an effective soil control program

When living in a termite-prone area, you should treat the ground around your home and keep termite from getting close to your house. Since termite colonies occur in varying sizes, there are no standardised ant treatment programs. As such, you need to contact your local expert to create a suitable plan meeting your unique circumstances.

Since termites can persist for long periods without visual signs of damage, you should have a professional inspection of your property to keep it safe.