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Ford Engine June 8, 2017

Best Ways to Improve Your Ford Ranger’s Performance

The Ford Ranger PX is one of Ford’s best cars on the market today. With its built, you can enjoy its comfort, safety, and efficiency. But of course, driving your car on and off the road will somehow decrease its performance when it was just new. Don’t worry though, here are some helpful ways how you can boost your car’s performance.

Change your car’s fuel filter

Fuel filters can accumulate dirt and affect your vehicle’s performance over time. If you don’t want your engine to die on the road suddenly, have difficulty starting or struggle at low speeds, then it’s important that you change your Ford Ranger PX fuel filter at least once a year. Doing this will increase your engine’s life, performance, power, and fuel efficiency.

Install a cold air intake

If you want to boost your engine’s power and torque, install a cold air intake into your Ford Ranger. More air in your engine means more power. This can help you gain more horsepower. Not only that, but cold air intakes also contribute to reducing resistance from air flow and unwanted turbulence inside the pipes that lessen airflow.

Consider using turbochargers or superchargers

If you wish to get the best performance increase for your car, using forced induction systems like that of a turbocharger or supercharger will increase your engine’s horsepower and torque twice its original capacity. This will significantly improve your car’s acceleration and make your car more efficient at reusing wasted energy, which is basically what forced induction systems use.

By doing these three things, you can boost the performance of your car on the road in no time at all. Consider the help of a car expert to help you change your fuel filter or have somebody give you the pros and cons of installing a turbo or supercharger if you’re still unsure about it. A routine check-up of your car will also help in ensuring that it is always at its peak performance.