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Commercial Truck May 25, 2017

Commercial Truck Rentals: How they Help Businesses

Regardless of your business, there will be times when you need to rent extra vehicles to make your deliveries. It is now a growing trend amongst business owners and companies to buy a few vans and lease or rent a fleet based on need, such as those from Little Green Truck. There are e a lot of benefits to hiring trucks for your service needs.

Benefits of Truck Hire

1. Maintenance

Many small and medium-sized businesses don’t have the finances to invest in a commercial van. Buying, paying insurance, hiring drivers and maintaining vans require a large capital outlay which many cannot afford. Leasing or renting is a better option as they not only have access to the newest vans and trucks but also their maintenance depends on the rental company.

2. Contractual renting

Signing a contract with the rental company will save a business the headache of looking for trucks when they have a lot of work to do. It is a good idea to check what the rates are going to be because rental companies usually take retail price and the depreciation of the value of the vehicle when quoting prices. Prices may fluctuate based on the residual value of a vehicle.

3. Fixed budget

Having a fixed budget for truck hiring will help companies manage their budget better. All a renter has to do is ensure their drivers are up to date with their driving skills and licenses. The other expense that they are responsible for is fuel.

There is no doubt that renting trucks and vehicles are better and a more cost efficient option for many businesses. There are a lot of rental companies who could offer you great rates and service.

April 4, 2017

Northwest Florida’s Commercial Construction Business Growing

Investments in infrastructure and a business-friendly government have significantly Commercial Construction Serviceincreased the prospects for commercial construction in Northwest Florida. As a main artery for the movement goods and supplies around the state, this region is primed for major growth in commercial construction.

The project managers at Hanto & Clarke General Contractors, LLC supports this belief with predictions of an almost 12% increase in commercial construction services for the coming year. With Congress already dedicated to increasing infrastructure spending in the next two years, this prediction may even be a low estimate. The State of Florida has also greenlighted six major highway construction projects for Northwest Florida including the new Pensacola Bay Bridge. Many more commercial construction projects for this region are already in the works.

Need for Florida Experienced Contractors

With the advent of growth in the sector, there will be an equal increase in the number of companies vying for these projects. But there’s a problem: Florida is not your usual construction site. Swamps, forests, conservation lands, and hurricanes all add to the general requirements necessary for commercial construction.

To complete any project in Northwest Florida, best to contract with a company that offers full commercial construction services. Licensed general contractors, proven leadership, multiple years’ experience and a diverse portfolio are a must. Make sure this construction company has experience in servicing financial, industrial, institutional, hospitality, medical, government, of educational sectors.

Choosing a Construction Partner

With the number of possible contracting partners, it is best to look for one dedicated to delivery speed and cost-efficiency. But if the quality of the construction doesn’t measure up, costly repairs can crop up as well as a possible loss of future investment returns. This is why you have to get it right the first time. Find also a contractor that doesn’t want to do just this job, but all your future jobs.

A construction recovery in the South only comes in every few years. With the region’s rejuvenation and a surplus of service providers, there’s a lot going for Northwest Florida for construction companies and business enterprises.