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A businessman planning a brand strategy December 6, 2017

Top Ways to Improve Your Company’s Branding

Branding now plays a major role in a company’s success. You can’t thrive if you don’t invest in proper branding techniques.

Advantagemanufacturingltd.com shares some strategies that you should incorporate into your branding initiatives.

Make Your Products Unique

You can check out different manufacturing companies and find out how your products can be specifically created to carry your brand. This can be something as simple as having your own label or creating unique containers and freebies. By doing so, you can improve your company’s reputation – especially if no one else offers what you are offering. A good case in point would be McDonald’s toys included in their kid’s meals.

Know Your Market

You won’t be able to please anyone, which is why large corporations develop different commercials for different countries that they serve. While you may not have the budget for it, you at least have a good idea of who your clients are. Focus on appealing to this market and forget the rest for the moment. This way, you can be sure that your brand will make its mark in a specific group.

Make Your Business Sticky

Sticky is a tough formula to hit – but it’s definitely a recipe for success in many companies. Being sticky means your brand of marketing will ‘stick’ or will easily be remembered. For example, the commercial “Marlboro tastes good, like a cigarette should”, manages to remain embedded in people’s mind long after the commercial has ended. The stickiness factor can be achieved through different routes, such as making your tagline funny, witty, useful, or others.

One Time Chance

Once you’ve decided on a brand approach, be sure to lock it in and commit towards not changing it for a specific period. Branding takes time – you can’t expect it to become a household name overnight. This is why developing your brand, as well as choosing the colors, logos, taglines, and approaches should go through ample processing before the release.

Want to improve your company’s reputation? Follow the tips given above and you can never go wrong.

July 27, 2017

Guide to Growing Your Metal Fabrication Startup

Welder working on a metal frameFor passionate welders and fabricators, the thought of starting their own venture is an appealing one. Unfortunately, running a metal fabrication business calls for more than just excellent welding skills. You need good business skills and adequate knowledge to make it in such a competitive industry.

Here are some tips to guide you along the way:

Get adequate financing

Obviously, you’ll need space, equipment, and personnel to run the operations at your workshop smoothly. Before you make enquiries on the cost of hiring a place, buying a drilling and tapping machine, employing a welder, or any other expenses, call several banks or lenders to find out if they’re willing to provide the financial support you need.

Hire the right personnel

Unless you’re a one man shop, you’ll need a competent team to help you run your organization. Get a good accountant, a reliable attorney, and an advisory committee. Find experienced welders to help with the main service you provide. Work to promote a culture of cooperation and commitment, so you can achieve your vision and goals as an organization.

Provide superior service

As you are just starting out, you need to do things right. Provide the highest quality products, ship them on time and make your prices as fair as you can. Do your best to prove to each of your clients that you value the business they’re giving you. Thank them every time you do business with them. Make follow-up calls to find out if you are satisfying their needs.

Organize your business

Grow your business by keeping everything at the workshop well organized. Clean the shop regularly, so that everything runs efficiently and smoothly. Be sure to keep any paperwork properly filed and stored.

Your fabrication business can yield great returns if you run it well. By applying a few simple business skills, you can increase your chances of becoming successful.

May 29, 2017

Your Hotel Structure Matters and Here’s Why

Hotel StructureWhen deciding to go into the hospitality industry, there are many things you must consider — the location, concept, and management. Unless you are a graduate of a related course, you might want to look into hiring a manager with the right experience. Aside from all these needs, you may want to give due attention to the construction of your building.

Creates Initial Impression

Before people start patronizing your hotel, the only thing that they would see is the structure of it. Now, does it create a great first impression? Will it attract guests to the point that they would decide to stay there? If you can say "yes" confidently, you have the assurance that your façade can invite guests in. 

To eradicate biases, ask other people how your hotel building fares to get honest answers. Take note of what Siemens said that hotel guests normally decide whether to stay in a hotel or not based on its appearance. How your hotel looks clearly matters.

Retains Interest of Guests

Now that your building has drawn guests, it will continue to play a major role in maintaining their interest. The moment they step inside the lobby, aim for a good impression. Consider it as a follow-up to their initial impressed state. This will help in keeping guests excited and happy. Remember what Hotel Executive said, the primary purpose of the hotel is to provide guests shelter. Once your guests derive the comfort they need after long and tiresome travel, you will have a patron for life.

Fosters More Guests

With today’s selfie-generation, people would always take selfies at places they find beautiful. If the building has been built well by a commercial construction company in Pensacola, you can expect people to take many photos — especially selfies — at your hotel. In addition, the caption would always be your hotel’s name and location. This gives you free advertising, right?

Hotel construction will always be an important aspect of your business. Choose a good contractor in Northwest Florida and go for the one with several decades of experience in construction. You’ll never go wrong when you do.

April 6, 2017

The Importance of Prudence in Starting a Business

Woman Driving a Company CarStarting a business is not cheap. Many business owners spend thousands trying to start their companies. If you are considering starting your firm, there are ways you can do it without breaking the bank.

Do not overlook a used company car

If your business will deal with delivery, consider purchasing used cars dealers in Petoskey. Used cars are typically more affordable compared to brand new cars. You can easily buy a used far for hundreds, even thousands less than a new vehicle.

Make sure to apply logos to the car to help advertise your business while you are out fulfilling delivery requests.

Invest in custom business software

Although it might cost a bit more initially, invest in custom business software for your company. According to Forbes, it is cheaper to buy off-the-shelf software, but they lack necessary features to help your business make money.

In the long run, you will end up having to upgrade to custom software or purchase several types of off-the-shelf software. Save yourself the time and money by going with custom software from the beginning.

Peruse cheap or even free social media business accounts

Social media is a wonderful way to get the word out about a new business, product, or service. The same is true for you and your business. Make sure to set up a business profile page on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

You will quickly find that social media sites offer business accounts for either free or a very low monthly rate, which can help save you money.

Spend less on logo and web designs

Although it is important to have both a logo and a website that captivates as an attention getter, there is no need to overspend on the logo and web design. As a startup business, there is nothing wrong with keeping your website simple.

There are plenty of free or relatively cheap website platforms for you to use. Wix is often a smart choice, particularly since it offers link-building tools for SEO purposes.

Although there are areas where you will have to spend more than planned, you can always cut corners and save funds. Opening a business can be stressful, but it does not have to be, particularly if you can keep the entire ordeal within your budget.

February 24, 2017

3 Surefire Ways to Make Guests Love Your Hotel

Running a hotel is never easy. You have to make sure that everything is perfect or else you would lose customers. While there are so many aspects to consider when managing a hotel, you need to focus on three important things that directly contribute to the experience of guests at your hotel.

Maintain Cleanliness

Nobody would return to a hotel where trash is everywhere and big rats are scampering in the kitchen. In the hospitality and tourism industry, cleanliness is paramount. From the entrance, lobby and rooms to the guest area, kitchen and the pool, everything should be spotless.

M&E Maintenance Solutions Ltd agrees that cleanliness is one of the most important factors customers consider when choosing a hotel. If you keep your hotel clean, guests would love it and probably book their next stay there.

Provide an Ideal Atmosphere

Your hotel must provide a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere all year round. Your HVAC system should work properly at all times, or else you would be receiving complaints from every guest. Call for professional help once you notice signs of problems with your heating and cooling systems. Look for a company that offers commercial building maintenance services.

Hire the Right Staff

Encourage employees to smile at guests, particularly those handling the front desk. Make sure they treat guests with respect and that customer requests are handled properly. Hotel employees serve many purposes within the hotel, so getting efficient staff is of utmost importance.

Once you address the cleanliness, atmosphere and staffing of your hotel, you can expect your business to run smoothly. Hotel guests will appreciate the way you take care of them. As a result, you will be earning patrons almost every single day.

May 13, 2016

Starting Your Own Construction Business

Being handy with tools and knowing your way around a constructions site come with experience. Whether you’ve been a handyman for years or have been working in construction for a considerable length of time, such skills do not come without training.

The good news is they also reward you with an opportunity to start your own business. You can start your own construction company or a construction supply store. To start a construction business, you’ll need some sound advice:

Know Your Market

This is critical in the early phase of your planning. Not knowing your market is almost a sure way to fail. Do some market research before moving on. Your area will give you a solid idea on whether your construction business has a future. Find out what your possible competitors are offering and ask yourself whether you’re comfortable offering only the same things or if there are other services that can bolster your usual offerings. Remember, the construction business is multi-faceted. You can build something new from the ground up, tear down an existing building to construct something else in its place, add to an existing building, renovate, etc.

Know Your Suppliers

As a construction firm, it pays to have suppliers you can trust, suppliers that will allow you to use their supplies on credit if need be. Just remember to pay them as agreed. The more suppliers you have, the more varied your services can be. For example, you’ll need a supplier for cement, shingles or Atlas Copco parts in Perth, says epm.net.au. Of course, these all depend on the kind of construction you offer, from residential to commercial and everything in between.

Get Legal

You’ll need permits from your local government. You’ll also need insurance. Customers are not likely to work with a firm whose employees are not insured. Construction is a business that exposes people and property to risks. You’ll also need to be certified for the use of some tools and materials. If you’re certified to offer certain materials, you can also give your customers warranties.

Construction is a lucrative business if you know what you’re doing. The more research you do before you start, the more successful you will likely be in your venture.

Speaker at Business Conference January 7, 2016

Old School Tactics for Marketing Your Local Business

Speaker at Business ConferenceAll we seem to hear and read about these days is how to promote using social media and all other Internet-related activities. And it’s happening for good reason; the web is effective when you use it right for marketing.

But that’s not to say old school tactics have lost their appeal. As a matter of fact, you should complement your online tactics with offline activities.

Put Your Brand on Everything

Not really everything, but it works when your brand seems omnipresent. Simple banners cost much less than giant billboards, but they get the job done. You probably have a delivery truck or some other vehicle, even a private one. An investment in van or RV decals and graphics will pay for itself with all that mileage in a few months. Even something as small and simple as a coffee mug printed with your logo is a marketing tool.

Network with Other Businesses

You don’t have to network with your competitors. Talk to fellow local businesses that don’t offer the same products or services you do and come up with an agreement to cross-promote each other. Your gym can benefit when the store selling sports apparel around the corner talks you up. Do the same for them with your customers.

Speak at Functions

Learn to be a public speaker. There are graduating students from your high school who are interested in learning how to run their own business in the future. There are potential partners or customers at the Rotary Club in your area. If they hear it from you, they’ll probably support what you’re offering.

These are just three of the many old school tactics you can employ to support your business. They may not seem as powerful as the Internet, but local businesses know that some things that worked then still work now. Don’t miss out.