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June 7, 2016

Plastic Fantastic: Laser Cut Acrylic Jewellery

Laser Cut Acrylic JewelleryWhen we think of plastic jewellery, we often think of children’s accessories or shoddy costume pieces. Plastic jewellery is cheap and somewhat tacky with its loud colours and designs. But there has been a revival in plastic jewellery, namely in the form of laser cut acrylic pieces.

Laser cut acrylic sheets were used primarily in industrial and technological applications. Winward Engineering LTD, for example, offers plasma and laser cutting services for architecture, science and tech industries. Laser cut acrylic sheets are used everywhere, from computer screens to furniture. It is also popularly used to create signage and display cases.

Laser cutting is extremely accurate and leaves a clean, smooth edge on the plastic. These properties make it popular for use in electronics. Jewellers soon found that this precision offers a wealth of design opportunities.

Beautiful Statement Pieces

Acrylic jewellery often features intricate designs cut out of coloured plastic sheets. Flat, geometric designs are popular and are often used for large statement pieces. The precision of laser cutting allows designers to construct unique shapes and designs out of plastic that would otherwise be too difficult to make.

Acrylic cut jewellery is so popular that even high fashion designers sport them for their spring and summer lines. You have designers like Jeremy Scott and Proenza Schouler decking runways with bold, colourful plastic pieces.

Sweet and Playful

Acrylic sheets are versatile and can come in a multitude of colours. Many designs can even have embedded glitter.

The popularity of acrylic jewellery could probably be attributed to recent fashion trends that put an emphasis on a sweet and playful style. Casual looks in bright colours are all the rage. People like their fashion to be cute, quirky and fun, and plastic jewellery has just the right amount of it.