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Woman with her beautiful lips July 28, 2017

Kiss Your Way To Beautiful Lips With These Five Easy Tips

Just like the eyes, the lips also enhance your appeal. Studies say that the lips are the most attractive part of a person’s face. A healthy, full lip can make any person attractive to the opposite sex. For women, having beautiful lips helps in boosting their confidence. Hence, the popularity of lip products and services, such as lip enhancements in London. If you want to make your lips attractive, City Skin Clinic suggests that you can do these four techniques to care for your lips after your treatment.


The health benefits of drinking water every day are well-known, but did you know that your lips benefit from it too? Drinking plenty of water throughout the day helps retain the moisture of your lips and preserve its natural colour. Also, including water-rich foods such as watermelon, cucumber, orange, and lemon can help, too.


The moisturising lip balm is the key to keep the moisture on your lips. But did you know that consistent licking dries your lips rather than moisturise it? Saliva draws out the moisture and can even cause for it to turn dry. You should also avoid biting your lips when you’re tense because it also damages your lips.


The skin sheds off dry skin and replaces it with a fresh new layer. The same thing happens to your mouth. When dry skin does not shed, the lips look dry, dull, and cracked. Use natural lip scrubber at least once a week to exfoliate these dead skin cells.


Using lip products with SPF helps protect your skin from UV rays. Excessive applying of chemical-filled lip products and smoking damages your lips’ natural colour and moisture.

Pout it Proud

These are simple ways you can do to keep your lips kissable and attractive. Lip enhancements in London can give you that sexy pout, but you still need to give your lips the extra care they need.

Used oil recycling method July 26, 2017

Interesting Facts about Used Oil Recycling

Each year, New Zealand uses about 60 million litres of lubricating oil. While a few engines burn this oil entirely, many others generate substantial volumes of used oil. This dirty oil can be recovered and reused, according to Waste Petroleum Combustion Limited. Here are five interesting facts about used oil recycling.

Oil doesn’t break down

The additives in oil become depleted. The chemicals break down, but the oil just gets dirty. The dirty oil contains contaminants that include dirt, fuel, water, and used additives. The re-refining process cleanses the used oil through vacuum distillation and then adds fresh additives.

One litre of used oil can foul a million litres of drinking water

A single car oil change generates about 4 to 5 litres (One gallon) of used oil. This oil can ruin the taste of an incredible one million gallons of drinking water. That’s about enough water for 50 people for a whole year.
Oil reduces land productivity

If used oil is disposed of the wrong way, it can pollute land, water and infrastructure. Oil dumped on agricultural land lowers soil productivity.
1.6 litres of used oil makes one litre of re-refined oil

You will need about 67 litres of crude oil to produce one litre of new, high-quality lubricating oil. Conversely, you can use just 1.6 litres of used oil to produce one litre of re-refined lubricating oil. Re-refining is therefore very energy efficient.

Re-refining is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective

Researchers from the American Department of Defence established that making lube oils from used oil is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than making lubrication oils from virgin base oil.

Used oil contains contaminants such as lead, arsenic, magnesium, zinc, chromium and chlorides. These contaminants are an environmental hazard. Always drain your dirty oil into a clean container and take it to a local drop-off bin, used oil collection site or hazardous waste collection.

Family ready for their summer vacation July 20, 2017

Once Upon a Summer in Tauranga: The Best Places to Enjoy the City

Go on a splendid summer vacation as you visit some of Tauranga’s greatest attractions. Set off in one great adventure in this seaside region of New Zealand with these amazing travel ideas. Here are some activities you should never miss out:

Sightsee Beyond the Waters

Xquizit Limousines & Tours says that you can experience luxury and relaxation at its finest by going on one of Tauranga’s cruise ship tours. Discover the real beauty of the sea out there by sailing around the city’s neighbouring harbours. Explore the marine life and enjoy an up-close encounter with the city’s marine wildlife.

A Walk Through to City’s Heritage

Get to know more about the city’s historical background and artistry by including Tauranga Art Gallery to your itinerary. Right after enjoying some of the region’s great arts and exhibits, you may head off downtown to do some a little bit of shopping. From gift items to unique souvenirs, there are a variety of goods to choose from.

Take a Scenic Walk at the Mount

If you love the outdoors, long walks, and the beach, then the Mount Maunganui (Mauao) is just the right place for you. It is sitting at the end of the peninsula which connects the island to the mainland. It gives you a gorgeous view of the whole of the island. If you enjoy doing water sports, no worries because the area is also a great location for surfing and other water activities.

Stroll Around the Public Parks

Wander off to not only one nor two but five popular parks in the area. Have a perfect tropical retreat by spending it at the Robbins Park, but if you prefer something more physical the Memorial Park is definitely the best choice. For people who enjoy something picturesque, Te Puna Quarry Park (a man-made park out of quarry) is a good place to hangout. Other than these, you may also visit Kaimai Mamaku Forest and Fergusson Park for more wonderful adventures ahead of you.

Have a fun-filled summer vacation when you spend it at Tauranga. Be sure to include these recommendations on your travel bucket list for a memorable and one-of-a-kind tour experience in the Oceania.

SUV on the road July 14, 2017

The Right Vehicle Style for First-Time Owners

Purchasing a vehicle entails a lot of thinking and decision. Buyers, especially first-timers, consider multiple aspects such as color and style. The former is typically easy to mull over as buyers already have a specific shade in mind. The latter, however, may be more difficult as it affects not only the vehicle’s purpose but also its performance and price. If you’re a first-time car buyer, below are the different styles you can choose from.


Many buyers opt for a sedan because of its low cost. When compared to SUV’s, sedans cost lesser despite having the same space and features. It is ideal for growing families because apart from its budget-friendly price, a sedan is comfortable enough for children and provides sufficient space for bags, trolleys, and other family essentials.


Hatchbacks are like sedans except that they look more stylish and provide more room for cargo. Even if they are more expensive, hatchbacks are more practical as they are more comfortable to seat and drive in. Also, the vehicle style has a higher resale value, which is perfect for those interested in buying and selling.


Do you fancy unique classic cars? If the answer is yes, then a convertible is perfect for you. Convertibles provide a classic, sporty look that style enthusiasts adore. One cannot deny its wow factor as it also provides extreme versatility and visibility. However, you might want to pass if you’re on a budget as convertibles are more expensive than sedans and SUV’s.

Sport Utility Vehicle

Sport utility vehicles or SUV’s are way bigger than sedans, hatchbacks, and convertibles. People who love camping and off-road drivers prefer this vehicle because of its height and a large amount of storage space. Also, SUV’s offer a more comfortable drive and better driving/riding view.

When choosing a vehicle, consider not only its purpose but also its performance, price, and resale value. Spend time on research and create a list and budget plan that will suit all of your car requirements.

New car wheel installed to a black shiny car May 19, 2017

Affordable Upgrades You Can Add to Your Ride

Whether you’re an avid fan of pimped out wheels or not, there are many add-ons you can get to upgrade your ride. Here are some of the affordable upgrades you can get without breaking the bank.

New Tyres

One of the simplest and fastest upgrades you can get is a pair of new tyres. The selection is wide, and there are many affordable tyres today in the market without sacrificing aesthetics. Car experts at Tyre Tracks say that a brand new set of wheels not only improves your car’s appearance but it also enhances its performance on the road.

New Rims

Another great upgrade that you can get for less is new rims. A new set of rims instantly gives your car a facelift. But like the tyres, it’s not just about the aesthetics. A set of lightweight rims can help improve brake and handling performance. There are also many designs to choose from, so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

New Headlights

There is a big difference between a cheap set of bulbs and a high-end set of bulbs. People can tell the difference. Of course, a set of high-end headlights doesn’t come cheap, but that’s the price you pay for improved visibility, not to mention road safety. If you have a sizeable budget for car upgrades, consider getting new headlights instead of a new sound system.

Pimp Out Your Ride

These three simple upgrades can work wonders for your car and road performance. When it comes to car upgrades, invest in the ones that improve both aesthetics and performance so you can get your money’s worth. After all, the beauty of being a car owner is to be able to make smart investments that not only improves performance and looks but also increases the car’s resale value.

May 4, 2017

Replacing Your Engine Oil and Filters

Every vehicle has fluids and filters, along with many other parts which require replacements at some point. This is why without maintenance routines, your vehicle may need pricey repairs or may become unusable, stressing the importance of regular checks to give you decent mileage for every gallon.

Here are some of the fluids and filters that need changing from time to time:

Cabin filter

Your air-conditioning and heating vents also need a filter to prevent allergens, dirt and dust from entering your car. The cabin filter may need replacement as often as your air and fuel filters. Experts recommend against using oil, fuel, filters or any other part that not made for your vehicle make and model.

For example, use only a Hilux fuel filter for your Toyota Hilux, available from vendors like Diesel Dog.

Motor oil

Motor or engine oil lubricates the engine’s parts. It whisks away excessive heat. Oil also helps clean and keep engine parts safe from excessive wear. Oil viscosity eventually breaks down, making it necessary to replace it.

Old vehicles need new oil every 4000 to 5000 kilometres, but newer cars can run on modern oil variants for twice that distance or every six months. Refer to your owner’s manual to know precisely when to replace your oil.

Oil filter

Keeping your engine clean is one of the duties of motor oil, and keeping the oil clean is the duty of the oil filter. Many car manufacturers suggest replacing the oil filter every other oil change, but oil filter and oil manufacturers encourage replacing the filter every oil change.

Fuel filter

The fuel filter’s job is to make sure dirt and rust run through screening before the engine burns the fuel, ensuring a cleaner burn and better combustion. Without it, your car may start losing power, and the engine may even suffer damage. Replace your fuel filter before 20,000 km or 12 months, whichever comes first.

Air filter

All that debris, dust and other contaminants can enter your engine and damage it. It is safe to replace your air filter every time you change your fuel filter.

The recommended schedule for replacing the engine oil and filters mentioned here are general estimates. Other factors may affect when you should replace them, such as your area’s weather and your driving habits. Always refer to your owner’s manual to be sure.

April 20, 2017

3 High-Tech Security Systems Worth the Investment

To every homeowner, nothing is more valuable than the safety and security of your family. It’s alarming that in 2017 most people still don’t have their home security in check.

Today, no need to worry of intruders because there are so much security devices to choose from. The real question is: how to pick the right device that would exact your needs? Here’s a list to get you started:

Keyless Digital Locks

What happens when you misplace the keys or access cards to your home? You don’t need to call for help from a locksmith in Bondi Junction because there are digital locks. These nifty machines promote keyless entry, which allows owners to go in and out of their home without the use of keys. You just need to program and set a PIN or access code to authorise entry. What’s so good about this device is the fact that they automatically lock as soon as you shut off the door.

Talking Doorbells

The latest innovation in doorbells today will leave you in awe. Gone are the days where you have to look through the peephole to see who’s visiting. The latest technology of digital doorbells allows the owner to check whoever’s outside buzzing in. The most impressive part is you can monitor and speak with guests anywhere as long as you’re connected.

Sensor Lights & Alarms

You’ve probably seen quite a few building complexes that automatically lights up as soon as you enter the premises. The technology is what you call motion detection. It reacts to any movement or action delivered by their sensor. If you’re not at home, it can send signals or alarm the authorities.

These are just some of the many systems you must consider adding to your home. If ever you’re having troubles in making a decision which particular device would you like to see in your home, you may always consult with a trusted locksmith.

April 19, 2017

Keeping Out of Trouble: Top 4 Reasons of Car Failures

Breakdowns and engine failures are the least you would want to experience while on a road trip. What’s worse than realizing that you could’ve avoided disasters if you noticed and checked your ride sooner? To never fall victim to these unfortunate events, you must first understand what causes them so. Here’s a list to get you started:

Issues with the Battery

Electrical problems are often due to insufficient charge on your car’s battery. One mistake to avoid is suddenly going on a long journey when your car is only used to short distance trips. The best way to overcome this is by ensuring that your battery is properly charged. Check if the wirings and electrical cables are connected. Do this before and after a trip, regardless whether it’s long or short one.

Bad or Failing Brakes

The brake is one of the most important components of any vehicle. You probably hear news about how motorists suffered from fatal road injuries due to poor brakes. If you don’t want to be on that list, you should start paying attention to your brake. The problem usually comes with worn out brake pads or the pedals that are not properly connected. This means you need to constantly check and inspect your brake. Auto repair experts in Arvada, CO said that if it feels like your brake is performing poorly, do not risk it and visit an auto mechanic for inspection.

Damaged Tires or Wheels (or Both)

Tires play an important role on your ride. They serve as the vehicle’s feet, so they can go to places you would like them to. However, they are also prone to damages and troubles. A worn out tread and a misaligned wheel may affect the efficiency and performance of your car. To maintain a smooth and hassle-free ride, make it a habit to check the tire pressure, tread, and alignment regularly before heading off somewhere. Doing this can reduce the risk of flat tires and road slips.

Faulty Spark Plugs

A spark plug is responsible for supplying electricity. It functions the same way as the arteries within your body. This is why any issue with the alternator or spark plug may lead to a major breakdown. The best way to deflect this is to inspect and watch out for obvious signs. When the headlights or signal lights are dimmer than usual and the vehicle horn sounds abnormally weak, then it’s a sign your spark plug might be in a bad condition. Repair or replace it immediately to avoid future troubles.

Don’t wait until something bad happens. Be a responsible driver and have your cars undergo to regular car service. This is the only way for you to enjoy a smooth, safe and enjoyable road trip.

March 22, 2017

Your Garage’s Car Lift: What to Watch Out For

A quality challenger car lift can cost a lot. However, it tends to last longer than cheaper options. That makes it a more practical choice than getting a cheap car lift that is prone to damage.

You need an annual lift inspection to ensure safety of your mechanics and efficiency of your equipment. You don’t have to wait for that yearly checkup though. Your service technicians should check your car lift every day.


Your auto shop’s challenger car lift is made from metals of various sizes. The small metals include screws, bolts and nuts. The lift head, posts and arms are big metals. The number one enemy of all these metals is rust.

It is hard to spot small areas of rust just through a visual inspection. It gets even harder if your car lift is covered in dark-colored paint. For easier and more accurate search for rust, you can buy rust detecting tools for your service technicians.

Unusual Noise

A car lift operates with a noise. Even the most expensive and most complex ones emit noise but at a tolerable level. After some time, you and your service technicians will get used to your car’s sounds.

Being familiar with the noise level helps you spot problems in your car lift. Some of the unusual noise may be caused by rust or lack of lubricant. You can fix these problems right away thanks to early detection. You also prevent considerable damages that require expensive repair and replacement.

Fluid Level

The hydraulic jack is the life source of your car lift. Without this, your car lift can’t raise the vehicle it needs to serve. This component is also dependent on another item: oil. To make sure your car lift remains operational, your service technicians should fill the hydraulic jack each day or as often as needed.

Other Damages

The daily wear can take a toll on your car lift. Damages may happen if your workers use it properly. These damages include dents and scratches. They should be patched right away to prevent them from getting bigger, making them harder to repair.

Your challenger car lift helps your workers get things done in your auto shop. Make sure this equipment is in good condition by tasking your service technicians to check it up on a daily basis. They should look for rust, listen to unusual noise, fill the hydraulic jack as necessary, and spot other damages.

SUV in Kalamazoo January 23, 2017

The All-New Kia Sportage

When you are looking for a new SUV sale here in Kalamazoo, you may want to refrain from buying anytime soon to wait for the sale of the 2017 Kia Sportage. The 2017 Kia Sportage is the fourth-generation iteration of perhaps one of the best-selling compact SUVs.

A Trove of Upgrades

The new iteration of the Sportage provides bigger accommodations as well as upgrades to the vehicle’s technology and safety features. The interior of the vehicle also received a facelift with quality materials, a modern appearance, and tilted control layouts. The Sportage was dubbed as the best compact SUV by an automotive website.

Engine Specifications

The vehicle comes in three trims — LX, EX, SX Turbo. You can also choose between two diverse engines: the 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine and the turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. Each option produces 181 horsepower and 175 pound-feet of torque, and 240 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque, respectively.

Value Vehicles

When you want a new compact SUV, you can turn to the Kia Sportage to satisfy your needs. You may come to think, however, about why would you choose Kia over other solid automakers. For one, Kia provides vehicles with great value. The vehicles may be inexpensive, yet you get the features that you will find in luxury sedans.

Unbelievable Warranties

The second advantage of Kia is that it offers arguably the best warranties out there. You can get a 10-year/100,000-mile warranty and a five-year/60,000-mile bumper-to-bumper insurance with Kia. You can also avail of the 60,000-mile roadside assistance and seven-year rust coverage.

Quality Products

Finally, you can enjoy the quality of Kia products. Vehicles are made right here in America. Kia has won awards as well for the safety, design, and ingenuity of their products. Most recently, Kia won an award from J.D. Power for best initial quality.

Are you thinking of getting a new SUV for sale in Kalamazoo, specifically a Kia Sportage or, perhaps, some other Kia vehicle? Kia has many other advantages over its competitors. To know what these other advantages are, perhaps you will have to see for yourself.