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A man working on a heating systems May 27, 2017

Hydraulic Separators: Why is it Efficient and Compact

Boilers are central to heating systems of different kinds, and until recently, many were of cast iron. It is not easy to substitute them for anything else as they can cause problems, such as interference between circulators operating together.

Hydronic balancing is an important part of distribution optimisation of water in buildings’ HVAC systems. This balance ensures that the climate indoors is at an optimum condition by using energy efficiently and reducing operating costs. This is possible with the use of hydraulic separators.

What Are They and What Do They Do

Hydraulic separators prevent air and dirt in the system. Installing a hydraulic system is like having every circuit acting as a “stand-alone” unit.  It works by separating primary and secondary piping with the help of tees that are close together.

This concept is standard in many secondary circuits, served by a single primary loop.

How They Work

Hydraulic separators offer the following advantages when they work in conjunction with primary and secondary piping:

  • Remove unwanted dirt and air particles in the HVAC unit
  • Prevent damage to other components in the system, thereby preventing more costs on repairs
  • Work flawlessly with smaller boilers, currently in use
  • Cope with higher flow resistance

The units currently available on the market are small enough to save space, made from copper, work well with heating systems that use oxygenated water, equipped with wall brackets, and have a port which can get rid of sediment easily.

Hydraulic separators are popular in new building projects as well. Used to renovate old cooling systems to boost efficiency, this unit works with temperatures ranging from 0-110˚C and at pressures ranging from 0-10 bars. You should try one now today.

A person holding a plant with the soil being gold coins April 7, 2017

4 Ways Your Company Could Save Money and the Environment

Firms that are going green have realized that environmental consciousness is one of the ways to stand out from the competition. Additionally, these companies are not only helping conserve the environment, but also reaping significant financial returns in the process. Here are some ways you can become part of the revolution:

Recycle products

Every day, a huge number of recyclable products are thrown away. Many times, these products become pollutants to the environment. For instance, lots of used tires are improperly disposed of every day. Find a company that specializes in performing off the road recycling to tackle this problem. These companies use off the road tire recycling machines, recycling used tires to produce profitable commodities like fuel gas, oils, a new set of tires, and hot melt asphalt.

Construct eco-friendly buildings

Use modern technology to build greener offices for your business. Currently, many builders are turning to more environmentally sustainable materials to build rooms that have zero to negative carbon emissions. Other measures include employing cutting edge measures to improve power efficiency.

Use green power in your business

Talk to your current power provider about the possibility of using renewable energy in your company. These are harnessed from renewable sources, such as the wind, solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric energy. Find out whether your business is located within the green energy network and take the necessary steps to have your business connected to the grid.

Buy eco-friendly appliances

If the appliances in your company are not power-efficient, consider replacing them with their greener counterparts. Appliances with the Energy Star logo are the best option, as they are power-efficient compared to conventional appliances. They also last much longer, helping you save on replacements.

Embracing environmentally friendly approaches in business can make a great difference in both your surrounding and your bottom line. At a period when the environment needs so much attention, the best time to start is now.

Engineering Firm December 6, 2016

Reminders for Starting Your Own Engineering Firm

Right after graduating from college and earning your licence, you are probably going to start working for an engineering or architectural firm. This is the route that most new engineers take. There are benefits from this.

Benefits of working for a firm

Real-world experience is what you’re truly after when you work for a firm after college instead of starting your own private practice immediately. The money may be good if you work for a larger firm that gives you opportunities to deal directly with clients, especially with expensive projects. Another advantage is you get to earn money and experience so you’ll be more prepared to start your own firm in the future. You also get to work with someone you may consider your mentor. Remember, mentoring is important; it is often the difference between a good engineer and a great one. Then you also grow your network of contacts, from clients to suppliers to colleagues to partners. The bigger your network, the higher your chances of landing lucrative projects in the future.

Building your own firm

Now there are also disadvantages to working for a firm for too long or for your entire career. First of all, your earning capacity might be limited. Essentially, you’re making money for your firm, but for you, it’s more about the salary and perhaps a small commission. Plus you have to consider office politics and bosses playing favourites. Starting your own firm is the answer if you want more freedom to choose the projects you want and making money for yourself.

To be ready to start out on your own, consider these matters:

  • You need a loan from your bank or some other lender. There are financial institutions that loan only to engineers like you.
  • You want to work with the best so choose your employees carefully. If you would like to partner up with another engineer or architect, make sure you’ve worked with them before and know them personally. It would be hard to work with someone you don’t like.
  • Powerpac Group reminds that you also need money for other things like tools and equipment, such as concrete vibrators and others. Some of these things you can rent or even borrow, but if you can afford them, buy them as you can also earn when others rent them from you.
  • Avoid leaving your old firm on a sour note. You don’t want to compete with them in that way. And you might also need them and their network soon. Be courteous in the matter of taking projects from their clients; use your better judgment.

Starting your own engineering firm is one way to realise your dreams of great projects and more money. But be careful when you make choices. It’s not good to overthink things but don’t start your firm without preparation.

October 17, 2016

Fitting ROPS to Freight Vehicles Will Improve Road Safety

Thousands of road accidents involving trucks and other heavy goods vehicles occur each year. Will incorporating safety measures such as Roll Over Protection Structures (ROPS) on vehicles prevent these from happening? Here is a look at New Zealand’s road and transport situation and how ROPS may help improve the situation.

Vehicles on New Zealand Roads

Whilst there was a dramatic drop on the number of registered trucks in New Zealand in 2008, recent statistics from the Ministry of Transport showed a consistent growth in truck registrations in the last two quarters of 2015.

This makes fleet-reliant businesses such as Cates Brothers, a freight service in Whangarei, a part of the rising number. As the demand for similar services grows, so does the need for heavy trucks and trailers.

With more vehicles on the roads, there has been a resulting increase in the number of road accidents.

Road Safety in New Zealand

New Zealand has been previously ranked among nations that have the most dangerous roads. The conditions of the roads and the impact of weather have caused concern for road safety.

Safety measures are being introduced for vehicles to ensure the safety of the passenger.

ROPS and Road Safety

To prevent unnecessary road accidents and fatalities, most freight delivery fleets are now fitted with Roll Over Protection Structures (ROS). This roll top bar prevents someone from falling onto the ground in the event the vehicle rolls over, protecting the passenger from potential, sometimes fatal, injuries.

The ROP also helps to prevent road blockage and potential accidents by holding loads such as liquids and delivery containers in place. This allows motorists to avoid accidents that may have been caused by one roll over incident.

Freight services being wary of road hazards and incorporating ROPS into their fleet can help improve the safety on our roads. Whilst this may not be enough to eliminate all dangers, this can be a good starting point.

Car Rentals in New Zealand October 5, 2016

Car Rentals: The Easiest Solution to the Biggest Road Trip Problem

Road trips are fun end to end, from the planning to reaching the trip’s conclusion. The chance to tour a place and actually have fun going there, rather than just being a process, is something a lot of people enjoy. There are some who cannot enjoy it, however, because they just do not have a car.

Now, is this really that big of a problem? Many travellers do well without a car; public transportation is there, after all. For the casual road trip goers, they just want a more practical way to get to their weekend destination and not have a full-blown journey-to-Mount-Doom doing it. A car means that they can go anywhere easier and without having to toil walking miles.

It may not be something Bear Grylls would suggest, but at least more people can get out of town and explore. That is the point, after all.

Rentals: An Essential

There is a lot to explore in New Zealand. Weekend per weekend, that car rental is reaching more than a plane, says Auckland’s Metropolitan Rentals. This makes it an essential for anyone looking to discover the best, least travelled paths in the country. Of course, booking a flight is the ultimate convenient choice, but it is not as enjoyable as driving a car, and as everyone knows, getting on a plane is not the smoothest of processes.

Then, there is the issue of luggage. A weekend away should not require anything more than a few shirt changes and a small travelling bag. Nevertheless, that small amount of baggage will become heavier after two days of walking and exploring. Buses offer good value, but for the journey home, the cramped seat space is something travellers dislike. It is better to have the choice of a car now rather than scream for it after.

The Best Time

The best thing about travelling locally and in a car is that anytime is the perfect time to go. Rental is always available and it is highly doubtful that the destinations worth visiting have a closing time. More than that, spontaneity is more enjoyable and that is according to the professor of fun.

A car is a more practical way of travelling on road trips. It is still fun, in the end, to be away from it all and that is what matters.


September 19, 2016

Low Cost Versus High Value

If you are looking to get your own set of wheels in Michigan, you should definitely go for new cars. Although used cars have significantly lower prices, they might not exactly have much value and may even cost you later on.

Buying a car is a big purchase, says Betterseeseelye.com. Apart from the price tag, you also have to worry about expenses for maintenance. By buying a new car, you reduce the risk of having future problems that people normally have with used cars. This article shares the benefits of having a new car despite being more expensive than used ones.

Easy maintenance

The biggest issue you have to worry about when it comes to vehicle ownership is maintenance. The beautiful thing about new cars is you are sure that all the parts are brand-new are made with certain standards of quality. With used cars, it is kind of hit and miss. Unlike used cars, with new ones you do not have to do a meticulous background check on who the previous owner was and how they handled the car. With used cars, you might also run the risk of buying a vehicle that has had modifications that can prove to be a nightmare in maintenance costs.

Keeping yourself protected

Another thing that is great about new cars is that can only get it from an accredited dealer. This means everything is under warranty. Insurance is also fairly easier to get at a modest price because all the parts are new and free from risky modifications. With used cars, since there is no guarantee that all the parts are new and free from modifications, you risk not being eligible for car insurance.

If you are looking for a good bargain, used cars definitely have the advantage. While you pay more for your brand new cars, you also take less risk of spending more in later years if complications occur. That is why despite the price difference, new cars are definitely the best way to go. 

August 30, 2016

Animation Process of Shot Peening Layering

Peen hammerMetal treatments vary from simple procedures like tempering to complicated ones like galvanising.

But, when it comes to treatments such as shot peening, which ensures the safety of the material; the difficulty of the process doesn’t matter.

Below is some information about the process.

A Preventive Countermeasure

Basically, shot peening is a process done to metal parts to improve their flexibility and versatility. The cold process involved in the treatment includes the bombardment of the metal surface using a peen hammer to stress test the material. There are various ways for the hammer to penetrate the surface:

  • Dimpling to cause compression
  • Direct and continuous strike to form forced stability
  • Multiple overlapping shots

The tempered smiting results in the added resistance to fatigue, corrosion failures, cavitations, and an improved life cycle.

Media Used in the Process

Apart from steel, the peening hammer, and overall handle can also be ceramics or glass-based. Each distinctive material property allows for an array of surface residual stresses, compressions, and product wear and tear. Shot peening as a high-impact process is used for other applications such as:

  • Hardening to improve wear and tear limitations
  • Straightening to correct distortions and dimensional misalignments
  • Texturing to improve material surface quality and feel
  • Curving to enable aerodynamic application for aerospace modules

Notable Improvisations

The controlled conditions of shot peening allow the materials to quickly evolve and strengthen. It’s a primary metal treatment solution that enables the use of lightweight metals to construction for heavy industrial applications. Some of the most popular shot peening service today are as follows:

  • Ceramic Peening: improves the product life of gears and virgin media.
  • Metal Deburring: removes burs for perfect media canvas.
  • Fine Steel Peening: a high-velocity blast to generate dimple for metal finishing parts.
  • Glass Bea Peening: produces clean and clear satin metal materials.
  • Steel Shot Peening: revamps the fatigue level of the metal and deburr and clean the material.

Shot peening is an industrial cold treatment process that enforces metal quality. It enables all kinds of metals to be used more than its natural capacity.

August 24, 2016

4 Best Pickup Trucks You Can Buy for $40,000 or Less

Pickup trucks are popular among buyers who love to go off-road. And with tons of enjoyable trails in the US, it is no wonder that Americans love this vehicle. However, these trucks are a bit expensive compared to sedans and SUVs. To help you find the truck perfect for your need and budget, below is the list of pickup trucks you can buy for $40,000 or less.

  1. 2016 Ford F-150 for $38,473

According to Seelye Ford, this latest truck offering from Ford boasts of power, impressive payload, and top-notch off-road capabilities. In addition, it offers comfort and convenience that you won’t experience in any other trucks. The only setback in driving this truck is you’ll have a slightly stiff ride whenever the bed is empty.

  1. 2016 GMC Sierra 1500 for $28,910

The new GMC Sierra 1500 features the biggest engine in the GMC line of pickup trucks. It also received high points from car reviewers because of its smooth, new transmission and ergonomically friendly controls. However, riding this truck could be harsh if you fit it with bigger wheels and its fuel economy is less impressive compared to other 2016 pickup trucks.

  1. 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 for $28,290

The 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 stands out among other pickup trucks because of its roomy interior, quiet cabin, and smooth ride. It only features typical pickup dynamics such as average handling and breaking, but it is still considered a reliable pickup truck.

  1. 2016 RAMP 1500 for $26,650

Most truck brands offer their smallest engine in their least expensive models, but it isn’t the case with the 2016 RAM 1500.  This truck features a V6 engine and an optional large, V8 engine. Its interior is quiet, and it offers a very comfortable ride for a pickup truck. However, it doesn’t offer any additional capabilities apart from the fact that it’s an efficient ride for a less expensive price.

With this list, you now have a better idea of which truck is perfect for your budget. But still, remember to compare truck features and specs before making any decision. After all, what you want is a truck that is not only budget-friendly but also meets your unique needs as a driver.  

August 17, 2016

Furnace Installation: Here’s Why You Need a Professional Service

Furnace Installation in IndianaWhen in the market for a new furnace, smart homeowners carry out an extensive research to make sure they'll have a quality purchase. Getting the right heating unit for your home assures you of a flawless service without frequent interruptions due to malfunctions.

Again, the right unit regulates the temperature in your home without driving up the power bills. After all, frequent breakdowns can leave a big hole in your wallet. More than getting the right size of the unit, you need to ensure proper installation or else you are likely to regret your decision.

Get the ducts right

As each furnace model boasts different requirements, it is often necessary to overhaul the duct system when changing the unit. Improper design and matching of the ductworks lower the efficacy of the unit. It creates room for humidity problems, temperature variations and the possibility of carbon monoxide leaks. As such, legacyheatingandairinc.com and other experts say that you need to hire a reliable furnace service to carry out the installation and prevent complications later.

Do not fall for the bigger, the better trap

Each unit heats up a specific space, and you should abide by the manufacturer's recommendation for best results. Too large a unit only serves to drive up your power and maintenance bills while providing horrible service. The mismatch between the heating space and the heating unit’s output result in poor indoor air quality as it fails to balance the humidity and the temperature. An attempt to reconcile the two causes it to work harder, driving up the bills and increasing the wear and tear.

Proper elimination of waste

Modern heating and cooling unit boast high levels of efficiency and as a result, produce copious amounts of wastewater. Poor duct installations lead to water backing up or leaking into the house, causing severe damages. During the freezing winters, the backing up water could freeze inside the unit causing it to fail.

Many homeowners make the mistake of hiring incompetent firms to carry out a furnace installation, not knowing of the underlying dangers. Improper furnace installation poses a hazard to your home and causes you to incur massive losses. Be a wise homeowner.

Furniture Designs in Singapore April 18, 2016

Unique Furniture Designs to Make Your Home Stand Out

Home design innovation and materials are evolving. Some designers believe creative furniture can go beyond the boundaries of conventional architectural or interior designs. In styling your home with contemporary furniture, there is no harm in settling for the extraordinary than the trendy.

Recycled Materials for Furniture

Unique furniture is a good investment to raise the value of your home, on top of it being a stunning feature in your living space. Innovative home furniture is not just a decorative item but a conversation piece as well. Manufacturers who have the same sentiment create furniture from scraps and materials that were previously impossible to shape.

Innovative materials can be seen from different objects. It can be in waste materials or old items. Recycled materials are ideal for innovative furniture. They give the piece a vintage feel while lessening waste that could contaminate the environment.

Companies like o2racingdesign.com, for instance, believe that furniture can be crafted from different spare parts of a car and can strike a perfect balance between quality engineering and sleek styling. Through the use of quality recycled parts and materials, furniture manufacturers can come up with a product that would be a fantastic centerpiece in any room.

Innovative Creations

American designers Charles and Ray Eames are known for their exceptional contributions to modern architectural designs. Some of their well-known unique creations are coconut composite boards made from a massive amount of plant waste produced by curries and coconut water and plywood-like pieces. With this creation, designers foresee a possible micro-economy for waste coconuts.

Wall clock is another creation of the two designers. The idea came from the “De Natura Fossilium” show in London’s gallery, where these designers came up with the thought that they could create something useful out of lava from the Mount Etna and Stromboli regions of Sicily. The natural material is turned into clocks and tables, perfect for exceptional home furniture ideas.

Another designer, Jonathan Muecke, created his own piece of coiled stool made of a typical mixture of Kevlar, resin, and carbon fibre, which makes it functional and decorative as well.

These inspiring designers continue to contribute to industrial design while having the same advocacy in creativity. To come up with a standout home, homeowners must not worry much about matching the home’s style with the furniture. Instead, they should choose furniture that is extraordinary.