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Hand with Pen Writing a Quote for Car Costs October 30, 2017

Kiwi Car Owners Should Take Note of Fixed, Flexible Costs

Car owners in New Zealand should be aware of fixed and flexible costs for a vehicle, as these determine the price for having a car in the long term, according to the New Zealand Automobile Association (NZAA).

The association used a small petrol and diesel car in analysing the average vehicle ownership expenses, which include engine tune-up services, maintenance work and repairs at shops like LRC Automotive.

Cost Factors

NZAA defined fixed costs as those that would still require owners to spend money, even if their car is not in use. On the other hand, flexible costs represent fuel and tyres among other consumable expenses.

Some fixed costs for owning a petrol and diesel car include insurance and a vehicle licence. Interest payments are also a factor if you used a loan to buy it. A small car would require you to spend on fixed expenses worth $4,500 each year, according to the NZAA. For flexible costs such as gas, you may end up spending at least $2,400 each year if you drive it for an estimated 14,000 kilometres.

Car Sales

Car owners should take note that the NZAA analysis only provides a general picture of expenses. The brand of a vehicle and its purchases are some of the other factors that would determine the actual ownership cost.

New cars may or may not be cheaper to own in the long term. The Motor Industry Association said that car registrations reached 118,256 units between January and September, up 10 per cent year over year. Low interest rates and a growing migrant population has improved the economy, which supported an increase in car sales, according to MIA CEO David Crawford.


Whether or not you own a new car, the cost of ownership would vary from person to person. Some cars need more frequent maintenance, while others consume more fuel.

classic car September 24, 2017

Strategies to Employ When Buying Classic Cars as an Investment

Investing in classic cars might be a better investment than a savings account. With the wallowing bank interest rates and news that classic cars have appreciated by 250% in 8 years, buying that vintage Jaguar is a sound investment.

The classic cars’ market will not take a dip anytime soon with the peaking interest from developing markets. Here are some tips to make sure you make a sound investment if you are a buyer of classic cars.

Purchase Your Car in Private Capacity

If you opt to buy your car via a company, you will pay taxes on your capital gain. This will not happen if you purchase as a private person. The profit realized when selling your car later is not taxed if your sale is within your private assets standard management.

Though it may be a significant investment for you buying in an individual capacity, you stand to gain more in future.

Carefully Inspect the Car

Make sure that the vehicle identification number {VIN} on the car’s title match with the VIN tag of the vehicle. Careful inspection of the car’s condition is essential before making your payment.

You might settle for an inspection service with experience in classic cars to do a thorough job if you are not sure what to look for.

Buy Your Car at the Right Time

There is no exact right time to buy a classic car. At one point in the life of a vehicle, its value may be low enough to fit in your budget. If you buy at the correct time, the price of the car may take off after some time, and you will be laughing all the way to the bank.

As a classic car buyer, appreciate the vehicle and maintain it well. The concept of investing in classic cars is keeping them in the best condition as you wait for their value to rise. The importance of dealing with an experienced and trusted dealer cannot be overemphasized.

Grey Porsche June 23, 2017

How to Wash and Wax Your Beloved Porsche

You can leave your Porsche’s scheduled maintenance to professionals here in New York City, such as Formula Motorsports, but you can be responsible for the washing, shining, and detailing of your beloved vehicle.

Of course, although professional cleaners can also do the washing and other work for you, there may be no better way to show your love to your vehicle by doing the work yourself.

Proper Guidelines

Now, you first have to learn how to wash, wax, and detail your car properly to do it well. When you try to perform the work without learning first, you may damage your vehicle’s paint and shine instead. To wash, wax, and detail your Porsche properly, you can follow the guidelines below.

Use Shade

First, you have to bring your car indoors or under a shade whenever you wash and wax it. Washing under the sun can cause the water to dry much quicker than you can wipe it off. When the water dries, you will have rain spots on your vehicle. Drive your Porsche into the shade to block off sunlight.

Wash and Dry

Next, you can wash your car like any other average car owner. When your vehicle has rain spots, however, you can simply apply the shampoo directly and wash it for last to let the chemical thoroughly remove the stain.

Once done with washing, you can blow dry your Porsche; a blower or dryer works best in drying your vehicle since it eliminates the risk of scratching your vehicle.

Layer the Wax

Now, when it comes to waxing, to achieve the best shine, you can layer car wax products. One car owner used Carnauba wax over a paint sealant, and he produced a rich, deep shine from his Porsche. You can try the same with your Porsche, but only if the paint has been maintained, cleaned, and polished.

You can ask your people at the maintenance service here in New York City for any tips that you can use in taking care of your beloved Porsche.

Sold car with a key being given to the new owner June 21, 2017

3 Ways to Get Money Fast If Sources of Credit Are Tapped Out

Credit cards and banking institutions may be reliable, but there are times when they are not able to assist you in buying something. In cases like this, you need to be resourceful and find ways to get money fast.

Here are some tips to help you out:

Sell your car

If you are in a place with an efficient public transportation system, it may be time for you to use it instead so you can get some much-needed cash. Your car is a luxury that you cannot afford to have in a time of financial difficulty, so you may need to sell it. Just negotiate a deal with a company that offers cash for cars in West Auckland. K.D. Auto Spares suggests that you know the terms and complete the sale so you can get your money fast.

Do a yard sale

A yard sale is both an opportunity to earn money and to get rid of things that you are not using. Yard sales are especially common in suburban areas, so be sure to market the sale to the neighbours as they are usually the ones interested in other stuff.

Write and publish an eBook

If you are smart and a good writer, it may be time to put those skills to use by writing and publishing an eBook in Amazon’s Kindle platform. The global market is huge for skills that will be able to produce books about household management, finance and lifestyle.

There are ways to earn money fast when credit institutions have failed you. All it takes is your willingness to sacrifice for what is in the priority and toughen up. Just be sure to settle for the good ones and make sure you are getting the right amount you need or deserve.

Man waxing his car May 30, 2017

Why Waxing Your Car is Still Essential

Should you wax your car? It’s a question many car owners still ask today. The answer is ‘yes’ if you care about your car’s paint. Waxing makes car paint shine, and it gives the car a layer of wax as protection from exposure.

Waxing in the old days

Your dad and his dad probably used wax on their cars. Wax then was harder to apply than it is today. The most popular and “natural” wax is carnauba, and it is a very hard substance. These days, it’s hard to find 100% pure carnauba, but manufacturers still add it to their products along with formulations that make it easier to apply and last longer. Back in the day, cars wore lacquer paint, so wax was needed to make them shine. Now, there is a clear coat over that paint which makes the paint shine and protects it from early wear. Adding wax makes paint even shinier and gives it additional protection, so the clear coat also lasts longer.

How often should you wax your car?

When you buy a brand new or used car for sale in Raleigh, you need to wash it and apply a coat of wax. Many modern waxes claim a longevity of up to a year, but that’s only true if you never take your car out of the garage. Many contaminants that can affect that wax, so it’s best to reapply a coat at least twice a year: Once in the spring and then another before winter hits. Waxing every three to four months is plenty if you want to keep the car looking great for years.

Even more protection and shine

If you want to beat even that showroom shine, don’t settle for just wax. For relatively new car paint, here’s the method: Wash it thoroughly with a recommended car shampoo. Dry it with microfiber towels. Use a clay bar and soapy water or a detail spray to remove contaminants. Wash your car a second time and dry it. Apply a polishing product. Buff it to shine. Apply your favorite wax. Buff it. Apply a coat of paint sealant. That should give you better protection and a deeper shine. It’s a lot of elbows grease, but if you’re a car guy, it’s all worth the effort.

Taking care of your car includes waxing the paint now and then. When your car is ten years old and still good-looking, you’ll see how much it has benefited from your efforts.

May 27, 2017

Top Tips for Caring for Your Porsche and Other Luxury Cars

Someone once said that money can’t buy happiness, but it’s so much better to cry in a Porsche.

There’s a certain appeal to luxury cars that often has everyone staring in awe. It may be their sheer beauty or just the power that their top-of-the-line engines exude, but people seem to just not get enough of them. And with more and more people being able to afford these amazing automobiles (all thanks to a boom in NYC economy), taking care of luxury cars in centers like formulamotorsports.com have become a much more common area of interest.

Yes, like most regular cars, luxury cars do need routine maintenance and care to keep them running smoothly, but certain tasks set them apart a bit from regular vehicles. Of course, we expect a Porsche oil change to be a tad different from the oil change of any old car. So here are a few tips for taking care of that beautiful ride.

Outside Protection

Most luxury car owners tend to take up two or three parking spaces to keep other cars from parking too close, which might scratch their paint job. That’s not a good idea. First off, it does nothing to protect your coat. Secondly, other people actually get out of their way to deliberately scratch the cars of those jerks who do this. So don’t do it.

Protecting the exterior means keeping it from the harmful effects of the environment. If you own a garage, always park it inside where it’s safe from UV radiation. If it’s not possible, use a car cover to protect your car.

Routine Maintenance

This might sound too basic but it’s worth mentioning. Perform routine maintenance on your luxury cars to keep them in excellent shape. Most owners fall into the trap of simply not doing it because luxury cars use the kind of fluids that don’t need to frequent changing. But remember to always keep to your maintenance schedule even if you don’t use your car that often.

We all want to drive home a luxury car, but what most people don’t know is how to keep that car in great condition. Whether you have a Porsche or just some regular old sedan, it pays to know how to care for your car.

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine May 15, 2017

CNC Plasma Cutting: Potential Health Hazards

When operating a CNC plasma cutter, safety should be a top concern because of the many risks involved in its operation. Experts from Jaymac CNC Plasma assert that it is crucial that operators and onlookers alike observe safety rules to avoid the following health risks:

  • Burns: The plasma arc instantly forms once the CNC plasma cutter is turned on and could cut quickly through clothing and the skin. Position yourself away from the cutting path and torch tip, and don’t point to towards others or yourself. The rays of the plasma arc also generate intense invisible and visible UV rays that burn the skin and eyes. With this in mind, remove flammables from pockets and wear protective clothing and accessories prior to cutting with the CNC plasma cutting machine.
  • Hazardous Gases and Fumes: Cutting materials give off toxic gases or fumes that reduce oxygen. These materials include copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, lead, beryllium, and cadmium. In addition, when using compressed gas for your operations, only use fittings, hoses, regulators, and gas cylinders that are specifically developed for what you’re doing.
  • Electric Shocks: Coming in contact with live, electrical components could lead fatal burns and shocks because an active plasma system is a complete electrical circuit; this system includes the material being cut or workpiece. Always wear insulated shoes and gloves and don’t touch the workpiece, torch body, or the surface you’re working on.
  • Faulty Grounding: Always secure the workpiece or worktable to the work cable, ensuring proper contact of metal to metal. Never attach the cable to a workpiece that would fall after cutting.
  • Noise: Some operations that involve extended exposure to excessively loud noises could damage your hearing. In cases like these, use proper ear protection and inform nearby workers or onlookers regarding the noise.
  • Hearing Aids and Pacemakers: High currents from CNC plasma cutting machine operations could adversely affect the operation of hearings aids and pacemakers. Consult your doctor if you wear either or both of these devices.

CNC plasma cutters are undoubtedly useful to any workshop that performs fabrication and welding operations, but operators must be fully aware of the risks involved during the cutting process. To that end, keep the aforementioned risks and solutions in mind to prevent accidents.

Scaffolding with a construction worker May 12, 2017

Scaffolding Safety Tips

Construction is one of the most hazardous field jobs. Therefore, take proper safety and precautions into consideration. One of which is the proper set-up and usage of scaffolds.

Some construction businesses purchase upright scaffoldings for sale from different manufacturers. But safety precautions are almost always universal. Below are ways you can safely work using your scaffolding without compromising the quality of your job.
Scaffold safety tips:


Personal protection is a must in every construction area. Before setting up the scaffold and using it, make sure you have your personal protective gear. Fall protection or fall arrest systems should be available in the form of guardrails.

Height and load capacity

More often that not, scaffold accidents happen because people overlook the structure’s load capacity. Other times, workers try to build it higher than it can in hopes of making the job easier. These things, almost always result in the opposite.

Proper inspection

You should not only inspect your scaffold but more importantly, inspect the surrounding areas. Check for potential hazards and effects surrounding areas might have in your scaffold.

User manual

Different manufacturers might produce your scaffold, and therefore, might have different user manuals and instructions. Follow the specific manual for the specific scaffold to make sure that the product works at its best and to avoid accidents and malfunction altogether.


Using the scaffold is a basic construction skill. However, before assigning people up, make sure they are well-trained to operate and work while up in the air.

Construction is a serious business that has its risks and hazards. Therefore, it is everyone’s responsibility to make sure that the workplace, its people, as well as the tools used, won’t pose any threats to anything or anyone.

May 4, 2017

Replacing Your Engine Oil and Filters

Every vehicle has fluids and filters, along with many other parts which require replacements at some point. This is why without maintenance routines, your vehicle may need pricey repairs or may become unusable, stressing the importance of regular checks to give you decent mileage for every gallon.

Here are some of the fluids and filters that need changing from time to time:

Cabin filter

Your air-conditioning and heating vents also need a filter to prevent allergens, dirt and dust from entering your car. The cabin filter may need replacement as often as your air and fuel filters. Experts recommend against using oil, fuel, filters or any other part that not made for your vehicle make and model.

For example, use only a Hilux fuel filter for your Toyota Hilux, available from vendors like Diesel Dog.

Motor oil

Motor or engine oil lubricates the engine’s parts. It whisks away excessive heat. Oil also helps clean and keep engine parts safe from excessive wear. Oil viscosity eventually breaks down, making it necessary to replace it.

Old vehicles need new oil every 4000 to 5000 kilometres, but newer cars can run on modern oil variants for twice that distance or every six months. Refer to your owner’s manual to know precisely when to replace your oil.

Oil filter

Keeping your engine clean is one of the duties of motor oil, and keeping the oil clean is the duty of the oil filter. Many car manufacturers suggest replacing the oil filter every other oil change, but oil filter and oil manufacturers encourage replacing the filter every oil change.

Fuel filter

The fuel filter’s job is to make sure dirt and rust run through screening before the engine burns the fuel, ensuring a cleaner burn and better combustion. Without it, your car may start losing power, and the engine may even suffer damage. Replace your fuel filter before 20,000 km or 12 months, whichever comes first.

Air filter

All that debris, dust and other contaminants can enter your engine and damage it. It is safe to replace your air filter every time you change your fuel filter.

The recommended schedule for replacing the engine oil and filters mentioned here are general estimates. Other factors may affect when you should replace them, such as your area’s weather and your driving habits. Always refer to your owner’s manual to be sure.

April 21, 2017

3 Bad Things That Could Happen if You Forget to Check Your AC Units

White airconditionYour home’s cooling systems play a huge role in your household maintenance and family’s heath. Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial to keeping them working efficiently.

Here are some things that could happen if you forgo air duct cleaning in your Indiana home:

First of all, you can suffer from high electricity bills

If your air conditioner is not working properly, don’t be surprised if you get skyrocketing bills. This is because your air conditioner is working double time to supply cool air despite the problems it has. These include faulty AC ducts, an old and inefficient unit, or a thermostat switch that’s always on.

Your home’s poor insulation could also be at fault. This is because — despite having a working AC — cool air escapes fast and your unit needs to work double time. If you don’t want to be surprised with high electricity costs, have your AC units serviced regularly.

Second, it can affect your family’s health

If your unit’s air ducts are dirty, this means that the air your family breathes inside the house is also dirty. Simply because you can’t see dirt and other particles don’t mean they’re not there causing havoc indoors. The dust and allergens are known to cause a range of health conditions, including fatigue, colds, headaches, and even a tight sensation in the chest. Left unaddressed, it can make existing health conditions worse and lead to what could have been avoidable health consequences.

Third, your AC could conk out when you really need it

There is nothing worse than a broken AC unit in the middle of the hot summer season. If you delay AC maintenance, your unit is more likely to conk out when you need it the most. This is why many people have their AC units checked and serviced during spring, before the heat wave comes and when the repair costs and demands are relatively low.

If you take care of your AC units, they’ll take care of you when you need them. Don’t wait until these bad things happen to you and your AC. Call your AC repairman today and get your unit checked before it’s too late.