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Scissor lifts that was bought by the owner May 23, 2017

Access Equipment for Hire: Makes More Sense than Buying

For some business owners, purchasing their own access equipment makes more sense. No need to worry about renting fee; buying your own equipment ensures convenience and lowers costs.

The choice of buying, hire-to-buy or renting the right equipment depends on the project’s needs and circumstances. But before you finalise your decision, examine the benefits of long-term leasing or equipment rental.

Renting: The Inexpensive Option

Large amounts of inventory take its toll on your carrying costs; the addition of access equipment might not do the inventory good either. When you choose equipment for hire, the decision frees up capital, which you can use in other areas of the business — meaning better returns.

One of the greatest benefits for rental is the options. Premier Platforms, provider of cherry picker for hire, says clients are free to choose solutions for long-term or short-term. This way, you need not put up with (or maintain) the equipment once you are done.

For some businesses, it is easier to raise capital when equipment purchase is not necessary.

Access to Updated Technology

The field of working heights continuously changes. The constant evolution encourages fleets and suppliers to regularly update their roster of products. On your own, it is more expensive to purchase up-to-date access equipment compared to renting one.

Selecting equipment for hire can offer your business access to larger inventories, and allow you to stay ahead of the curve. With more efficient and newer models, your business need not put up with obsolete or old equipment.

Resolved Maintenance and Repair Issues

Access equipment for hire also takes charge of maintenance and repair. Your organisation does not have to concern itself with servicing the equipment monthly or annually. Equipment breakdowns do not call for emergency disruptions in operations; suppliers will attend to the concern immediately.

When you hire equipment from reputable suppliers, it is one less burden off your shoulders. You have more time to focus on the business rather than the equipment.