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August 11, 2016

3 Sure Ways You’re Running Down Your Home’s AC unit

Buying an air conditioning unit makes a smart and rewarding decision for homeowners for it counts towards improving the quality of life, especially during the hot blistering summers. It increases the comfort of your home by maintaining a constant temperature and humidity, regardless of the prevailing weather condition.

Since the installation process carries a premium price tag, you get a better experience when you make all the necessary considerations before embarking on the purchase. Here are some of the critical mistakes you are likely to make.

Buying the wrong size

Air conditioning units come in different sizes, so you should buy one that suits your home. You may have a bigger unit to cool your home quickly, but it could present you a different set of problems. It does not lower the humidity in your home the same rate as the temperature, leaving you feeling clammy and uncomfortable. In addition, larger units cycle on and off quickly and this could result in skyrocketing power bills. Buying a smaller unit, on the other hand, tend to work harder and is likely to break down faster.

Running the unit continuously

Leaving the unit on throughout the day, especially during the hot summer months, seems quite convenient. However, in addition to overworking the unit, you stand to inflate your power bills to an enormous amount. In most cases, it amounts to a waste of power because no one’s home during the day. If you get the correct size, Legacy Heating & Air noted that it does not take long to cool the house. This then eliminates the need to leave it running when you’re away.

Ignoring the routine maintenance

Maintenance entails the monthly replacement of air filters to the comprehensive servicing of the whole unit. By hiring a reliable air conditioning repair service, you can increase the lifespan of your unit and keep it in excellent working condition.

Some homeowners aren’t careful with their air conditioning unit, making them spend more in repairs. By avoiding these costly AC-related mistakes, you can improve the lifespan of your unit while enhancing your home’s quality of life.